Glamglow® ThirstyMud™ Hydrating Treatment Masque Review

Me being a skincare junkie I love trying the latest and most innovative skincare products out there. As some of you know I absolutely adore Glamglow face masks! Their Supermud™, which I reviewed here, is still my favourite mud mask to date for my oily skin.

I was thrilled when Yvonne from The Beuaty Parlour sent me Glamglow’s new ThirstyMud Masque to try out and review so here it goes!
Glamglow thirstymud review
First lets appreciate the packaging! Pretty snazzy huh? I love the turquoise colour! Wait till you see the actually pot!

I’m gonna give you the science first on what makes this mud mask so great for hydrating your skin. I love to know how my beauty products work!

Dewdration™ is a scientifically advanced blend of Hyaluronic & Citric Acids that gives long-term hydration deep in the skin layers!

HydraPack™ – is a blend of Botanamoist™ (moisturising sugars and acids from apples) Oat Beta Glucan (gluten free) to nourish and calm skin and HydraClay® which is a super micro clay that traps and retains moisture giving medium-term hydration.

GreenEnergy –  a mix of Orange Blossom Honey to brighten your skin, Coconut Oil to instantly conditions skin & Ginger Root to detoxify skin. This gives short-term hydration.

Teaoxi®Ground Olive Leaf patent pending technology of ground & micronized olive leaf to deliver fatty acids which maintains good moisture of skin.

It also contains NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates.

Pretty amazing huh?! So now onto  it’s many different uses!
glamglow hydrating masque on
The main use is obviously as a quick 10-20 minute face mask to refresh and moisturise skin. This can be done 2-3 times a week.

For really dry and dehydrated skin you can leave this on overnight! Your skin repairs and regenerates itself while you sleep so your skin will soak this right up and really reap the benefits of the mask while you sleep

If  going on an aeroplane you can leave it on for the duration of your flight so your skin doesn’t dry out.

And for guys it can be nice after shaving!

The mask is like a gel and feels really cool on and smells like coconut. I have it on in the picture above where I look like I’m eating the jar lol but you can’t really even notice the stuff on so no worries of looking like a scary mud monster on a plane.
Glamglow thirstymud

I get such a much need boost if my skin is in bad shape from either a bad diet or skin care routine . My skin not only looks very fresh after the mask but just feels amazing, so rejuvenated literally like it has drunk fresh water, I’m not exaggerating.

I really do believe the technology in GlamGlow products works and is well worth the price tag which is €55 from The Beauty Parlour Salon and at their online store here.

Have you tried GlamGlow yet? What is your favourite masque from them? Yaz x

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