Christmas Shopping for a Baby Under 6 Months is Tough!

Since I have a very young baby this Christmas I’ve been thinking a lot about a present for him. It’s actually pretty hard to buy for babies under 6 months, something I never really had to do with my other 3 kids as they were big enough to play with proper toys. And sure, yes, he will only be 3 months come Christmas and won’t have a bloody clue what’s going on but stilI, I want to get him something to be included on Christmas morning. So I eventually came up with these ideas perfect for young babies I think. Some are quite practical like bottle grip and some are great stocking fillers.

Christmas Gifts for Young Babies


Christmas gift guide for babies

1.Gummee Glove

Teething hits abut 4 months and we all know how they love chewing on anything and everything once that starts. So I’m going to get little man a Gummee Glove. It fits like a glove and has interesting bits for them to look at, feel and chew! Available from Sweet little Babies here in blue or yellow for just under €20.

2. Cloud B Octo Softeez*

This is a light projector for babies room or anywhere at night. It should help soothe them to sleep or at the very least entertain them for a bit with a cute light show. Available here for €31.95 from Sweet Little Babies

3. My Feeding Pal by Accessories4Babies*

I love these feeding yolks. They are like a giant soother with holes so baby can suck the food out. This is a new one by an Irish brand Accessories for Babies. I like that this particular brand comes with 2 different sized teethes and you can twist it to push the food up. I used to put frozen fruit in them when the others were teething. If your baby is old enough you might be able to get some Christmas dinner in it for them to suck haha! Available online here from Accessories4Babies for just €7.50.

4. Childs Farm – Baby Essentials Kit*

Babies need pampering too so what better way than some nice gentle skincare products. I love the packaging on Childs Farms products and the products themselves are really gentle. This is a newborn set with 4 samples, nappy cream, bubble bath, body wash and a body moisturiser. All suitable for sensitive skin too. Available from Boots here.

5. Tiny Love Activity Gym

I got this activity gym on sale last week and it’s still only €14 on Littlewoods here. Great price, even without being on sale to keep them entertained for a bit. No point spending loads on them because as soon as they start learning to roll and move about they won;t have much interest in it anymore. The shiny wrapper at the other end of the room will be much more appealing.

6. Cognikids Grip*

This is another Irish brand. Grip by Cognikids allows babies to hold their own bottle. Very handy when babies want to start holding the bottle themselves but can’t get a grip, it allows frees up you hands too. Available from,, or pharmacies nationwide for €14.99.

As always, if you’ve any other suggestions or like any of the ideas let us know in the comments! Yaz xo

*Samples of these products were given to me to try and consider for review, This in no way affects my opinion and feelings on products. As always I give my honest opinion.

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