End of my Slim with Tina course: Progress & Results

Hi guys!
So 2 weeks ago I finished my 4 week slim with Tina course in conjunction with her new book Slim with Tina and all I can say is WOW! The whole thing has been an eye-opener and I know this is a lifestyle change, I’m delighted to be free of stupid fad diets! You can read how I got on 2 weeks into the course here
Slim with Tina book review
I didn’t think an online course or book would have as much impact on my relationship with food as it did. I’ve learned to fuel my body with better foods and eat regularly.My diet and general mood is a lot better than last year.

A big change for me was eating breakfast. It’s still boring weetabix as that’s all I can mange in the morning but it’s amazing how much more energy I have. I thought eating healthy would be hard but it’s really not once you know what you are doing.

Making a list of all the breakfasts, lunches,dinners& snacks for the week and getting your groceries by that list makes it much easier to stick to. People think (including myself) eating healthy is expensive but it’s really not because you save so much by not buying chocolate and crisps and all that other food that’s so bad for your body. I still have my treats but I’ve learned to cut back, there’s no willpower needed one you read the book and see how these foods affect your health both mentally and physically. I actually don’t want to put all that processed crap in my body now! That’s a big change in my mentality right there!

I’ve also gotten a bit better at cooking lol, and am trying new foods. Avocado is my new favourite food and it’s so good for you!

Also today I got some ingredients to make me and the kids our own healthy cereal bars (will post a recipe if they turn out nice) because the ones in the supermarkets are loaded with sugar.
eat good feel good
I know you’re all dying to know the weight loss benefits of all this too and I’m thrilled to say I’ve lost 9 lbs in total since the 12th January! I’m losing approx 1-1.5lbss a week which at first I was disappointed about but because it’s coming off slowly it’s staying off even when last week with the midterm and pancake Tuesday I ate pretty bad but was surprised I had still lost 1lb 😮 I suppose I was still eating a good breakfast and making some healthy choices but I did eat a lot of chocolate and felt crap so I’m happy to be getting focused again this week 🙂

I’m really excited with my new lifestyle change and look forward to making more progress, trying new foods and hopefully losing some more weight along the way!

I don’t want to sound like I’m just pushing the Slim with Tina book because I was given it to review but it’s honestly the best thing I’ve done for my health and trying to lose that excess baby weight. I’m bugging all my friends to get the book because I believe in it so much, it’s just really helped me finally open my eyes to how easy it is to eat better and lose weight! If your going to go on any ‘diet’ this year please do yourself a favour and read Tina’s book first…you’ll thank me I promise! 😉

Also the next Kickstarter online course which I did is starting again on 24th March if you want to join you can sign up here. You get to join an online group on facebook with others who are doing the course. This was great support I must say and really kept me going.

Yaz xo

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