My Easy Detox/Diet

Who feels like crap now after all the food, chocolate, crisps and booze!! Meeeee! I have IBS too so I’m really paying! I feel bloated fat and full of toxins! So I’m going on my version of detox (prob till new years eve only haha) and then start it again. Now when I say detox I don’t mean one of them scary ones where your bloody starving… tried all that and you just get dizzy hungry and then binge! My version is prob sort of cheating but it’s easier and better than what most of us probably have been eating

I used to do all the diets etc, but over the years I’ve learned it’s really a lifestyle change or simply enjoying food in moderation and getting the balance right. Bread though is my biggest downfall, I bread with cheese, chocolate spread even shepherds pie would go on my bread haha, but I know I can’t esp with IBS it’s just soooo not good for me.

So after all the crap and letting go I’m going to do my version of a detox that helps me get back on track and helps me feel like I’m less ”toxinated” doubt that’s even a word haha but anyway here will be my plan for the next few days

Morning – Hot water and freshly squeezed Lemon (really great for getting the metabolism going and removing toxins)
If you can stomach eating in the morning (I usually can’t) scrambled/boiled egg with tomatoes, cucumber and 1 slice of whole grain toast or a rice cake is good, I’ll be avoiding the bread 🙁  but you don’t have to 🙂

Lemon and water detox

boiled egg on rice cake

Lunch – Some sort of low-fat yogurt or my fave The Danone Activia, they are yummy. And some fruit. OR a smoothie with lots of fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt OR homemade soup and again you can have 1 slice of whole grain bread with this or a small whole grain bread roll

activia fruit-strawberry yogurt detox

Dinner – Steamed/grilled chicken breast with either a fresh salad or lots of fresh veg preferably steamed OR Whole grain pasta (not too much) with steamed/grilled chicken, tinned chopped tomato for some sauce, and some veg

steamed chciken salad veg

Snacks – A small bit of dark chocolate, yogurt, fruit and nuts/seeds…… great list of good ones here


Extra advice : Obviously stay away from alcohol, tea and coffee. Green tea would be great to add through out the day instead while doing this and some light excercise like a half an hour walk or some yoga.

And don’t forget to drink LOTS of water!

You can switch the luch and dinner options to your own liking, basically once your eating things that are healthy and natural like not fried and not full of toxins like alcohol you should start to feel more energized and feeling less ”toxinated” :p

I hope this helps makes post-christmas dieting less stressfull/scary and if you have any other tips let me know in the comments

Glitter Mama x

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