The New Cocoa Brown Kind Range

By now you might have heard that Irish brand Cocoa Brown have some new products out. There is a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, all part of the new Cocoa Brown Kind range. Marissa created the kind range with sensitive skin and scalps in mind as she herself has psoriasis.

There is also the new Cocoa Brown tan wipes, not part of the Kind range just to mention, but I will be reviewing those as soon as I’ve tried them.

Travel sized versions of the new Cocoa Brown products

Cocoa Brown Kind products are FREE FROM:

Parabens – preservatives used in products, often debated whether they cause cancer or not.
Alcohol – dehydrating, and generally harsh on skin. Strips skin of its natural PH balance.
Formaldehyde –  another preservative, deemed a human carcinogen by The International Agency for Research on Carcinogens.

There is such a small amount of fragrance that technically it does not even need to be listed or declared but in the interests of transparency Cocoa Brown has stated it anyway. The fragrance is peach and as always their signature tahitian gardenia scent.
Also because all the products don’t mess with your skin’s natural PH balance you may find your tan develops better and more evenly!

Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner

Gentle but effective products, safe to use on:
Sensitive scalps
Hair extensions
Coloured hair
Cocoa Brown Kind Collection, 200ml
I found these a lovely creamy consistency, got a nice lather with the shampoo and they smell great. I have very straight fine hair that is so flat but  I really noticed how much fuller my hair felt.  I had let that dry naturally too, didn’t even blow dry it.
I’ve used it a few times since and still get great results with and without blow drying it. My hair feels full and silky but also it doesn’t get any more greasy than usual, that could be down to my reverse washing technique though.

I’ve had a pretty sensitive and itchy scalp during this pregnancy which has now stopped driving me mad since using the shampoo and conditioner. So needless to say

Shower Gel

Again no faults with this. Shower gel is shower gel to me but I do feel better knowing there is not lots of chemicals in it especially as I’m pregnant. Oh and it’s pink what’s not to like about that.


I really love the products and I am especially impressed with the volumising shampoo and conditioner as they are something I’m always on the look out for. It’s even better they are kind to your scalp and skin. I will definitely be purchasing the full-sized versions because I.m always trying to find more kind products for my body, on a budget, especially being pregnant too though.

I know people were sceptical and surprised at the known tanning brand branching out into other products but really it shouldn’t be a huge shock since big brands like Clinque, Clarins etc branch out in other areas of beauty all the time.  Marissa has studied cosmetic chemistry & skin histology meaning she knows her stuff when it comes to ingredients and personally developing products. Her passion is a whole range of beauty cosmetics so I think it’s great the brand reflects that.


Full size products should be out this Friday 8th July in the usual stockists Pennys Boots and other pharmacies. for €3.50.  The travel set is out at the moment though for €8, very handy for holidays!

Have you trued the new products yet? What did you think? Yaz x

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