Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gel in Matte and Shimmer

Last month seen Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown launch her brand new instant tan bronzing gel.
I was invited to a lovely sit down dinner in the Shelbourne Hotel with some of the best bloggers around (I felt so honoured to be included) and we were shown the brand new products.

We all thought we knew what it was, the shimmer oil we’ve been teased with for a while now but no, we got quite a surprise when she told us the new product was in fact an instant tan bronzing gel in both a shimmer and matte version.

cococa brown bronzing gels newshimmer matte cocoa brown tan

Of course the shimmer is my favourite because, well…just look at the sheen you get due to the light reflecting minerals! So this one can be used as a highlighter for your cheekbones, collar bones, front of legs or anywhere else you want to highlight.
Before after cocoa brown bronzing gelThe matte has its uses too t can be used to darken your foundation to match your tan or use it for contouring. Handy or what?!

The formula is a light weight non sticky gel. You apply it with a mitt and it literally glides on. Of course it has the signature Cocoa Brown scent too which I adore.

It dries on the spot too so it’s quick and instant. I never get time to tan properly so this is great for last-minute tanners like me. No waiting around for it to dry or develop, jut lash it on and you’re ready.

Although it’s wash off don’t be fooled in thinking some rain is going to make it streak or go dotty it has still good staying power and needs a rub in the shower for it to come off altogether as it almost stains the skin I’d say (after using my hands to apply it one time lo!l)
cocoa brown bronzing gels

These are retailing at €6.99 each which is so reasonable for such a big tube. They should be available in most Cocoa Brown retailers now including Pennys/Primark &

Have you tried these bronzing gels yet? What were your thoughts? Yaz x

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  • Wow, these products look awesome! Sunless tanning is certainly an excellent alternative to tanning under harmful rays. Whether it be in the sun or in a tanning bed, these rays pose a lot of risks. Indoor tanning is an awesome way to achieve a bronzed glow! Nice work! Thanks for sharing these!

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