Cleanse off Mitt! #CampaignBintheWipes

I literally cringe when I  hear of people using makeup remover wipes or even worse….baby wipes to cleanse their face!! 😮 Ahhhh don’t do it girls, they just ruin the Ph balance of your skin making it a breeding ground for bacteria….yuck!

The Cleanse off Mitt is the same concept as a similar mitt I wrote about here. This one is cheaper though, it will be retailing for approx €5. It’s an Irish business too, yay!!
The microfibres that the mitt is made of are so tiny that it gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin with just water. Yes really! You don’t even need a cleanser with this (though you can if you want to like I sometimes do)
cleanse off mittThe mitt really is amazing, it removes foundation, lipstick….even mascara! I remember when I first used one of these I really didn’t think it would remove the 2-3 layers of mascara I put on but it did and it was really gentle too, no red stingy eyes. See girls, no need at all for wipes hence #CampaignBintheWipes! 😉

cleanse off mitt reusable no more wipes
On the left is the mitt after I used it to remove my makeup and on the right after I cleaned it with a bar of soap. See…good as new!

As it can be easily cleaned, it makes the Cleanse Off Mitt reusable, economical, a lot cheaper than wipes and each mitt will last you approx 3 months. Simply rinse it under hot water, then I get a bar of soap (antibacterial soap if you have) rub the soap over it, rinse again and voila… all traces of makeup gone. Hang it up by it’s handy hook and it’s good to use again. You can also pop it into a 60 degree wash once a week.

For the price of this you can’t go wrong and I 110% believe you will love this product as much as I do. It’s simple and most of all it really does work. To me the Cleanse Off Mitt is a no.1 essential for your skin care cabinet. It’s even perfect for young girls to start getting them into the routine of cleansing their skin of dirt/oils etc morning & evening. Also great for busy people on the go like gym-goers, people travelling, mums etc. I’m bringing mine when I go into hospital to have my baby so I can quickly and easily cleanse & exfoliate my skin without the need of bulky products taking up room in my bag.

Cleanse Off Mitt is available from & will be rolling out in pharmacies and salons very very soon. I’ll keep you updated!

Hopefully now I won’t hear of anyone else using those dirty wipes to cleanse their skin;) Yaz x


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