Christmas Holly Wreath Workshop at Kay’s School of Floristry

Ok yes this is a Christmas themed post in March. I’m late with this but let’s pretend I’m being super early for Christmas 2015 ok lol!?

So Christmas gone I was kindly invited along to try my hand at wreath making at Kay’s School of Floristy in Rialto. I’ve known this place for quite sometime. See, I worked in the salon beside them and one of the owners Deirdre was my teacher in beauty school too 🙂 So these two are fabulous teacher’s it definitely runs in their blood….must be from their mum Kay who founded the school.

Kellie (, Me & Laura
Kellie (, Me & Laura (

So onto the day! The workshop started at a nice time of 10am so I was able to drop the eldest off to school and head over.
There was about 8 of us in total I think we all introduced ourselves and got some tea/coffee. Everyone was all very festive in their Christmas jumpers too!

I have never been very green fingered, in fact I’ve never done any gardening let alone making a wreath so I was really expecting to struggle at this and find it difficult.

We were given all the equipment we needed like the wire frames, wire etc and given a little run down of what we’d be doing for the next couple of hoursChristmas holly wreath.

Then we got stuck in….a big bag of moss was spread out over the table. I nearly leapt out the window because someone mentioned spiders lol! 😀  I thought there was gonna be all spiders and worms and stuff but thankfully there was none…. panic diverted.

Anyway we were guided through al the steps in between our giggles and chats. It really was great fun I have to say!

Here was my finished holly wreath! I proudly hung it up on my door as soon as I got home.
holly christmas wreath workshop dublin kaysIt’s not perfect but also not too bad for my first go! I now know how to make one for next year if I get time but knowing me I won’t so I might have to do another workshop.

Also when I got home I had to make myself a little scrub to get rid of and the much and ‘green fingers’ lol. So here is a nice moisturising scrub. Mix olive oil & sugar….if you have a lemon squeeze some of the juice in too!
hand scrub green fingers gardening
For €50 I think the workshop is great value! You get to make your own holly wreath the way you like them, learn something new and best of all have fun with the other people in the workshop.
I found it a great experience and would definitely recommend booking early as these workshops fly out!
More info on this workshop and booking is available at Kay’s School of Floristry. Look out for them here on Facebook & Twitter too.

Let me know if you’ve done anything like this before or plan to? Yaz x

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