Kids Christmas Eve Baskets

I know this isn’t something everyone does, I don’t remember it being a thing when I was little but for us it’s a fun little tradition to give the kids Christmas Eve boxes or baskets whatever you can find, filled with things to add to the excitement of Christmas eve basket

I love how giddy the kids are Christmas eve knowing Santa will be coming, it’s gas! It’s also the one night out of the year they happily go to bed when told, no arguments 😀

Our elf on the shelf left the baskets last year for them when they woke on Christmas Eve 😉 OMG the excitement and awe on their faces was priceless, can not wait for Elf on the Shelf to leave them again this year!
Christmas eve gift box contents
These pictures are actually from 2 years ago as I couldn’t find pics from last year.
In the baskets we..I mean Elf… put new pjs, dressing gowns, slippers, some goodies and the all important hot chocolate!

I like the little sachets of hot chocolate so it can be put in the mug along with some marshmallows and a candy cane, can’t forget the candy cane.

You can also put a dvd in each basket or just leave one aside for all the kids to save arguments. Netflix have some great Christmas movies too though so a dvd isn’t necessary.

So to recap here’s a list of things you…or your Elf…could put in the baskets/boxes/ Print it off to keep handy when shopping.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

  • Box/Gift basket (Dunnes Stores do lovely festive boxes)
  • Pj’s
  • Slippers
  • Dressing Gown
  • Mug (old or new, Pennys have nice ones with cookies included!)
  • Hot chocolate sachet
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy Cane (Heatons have 2 packs for €3 or something…hang the rest on the tree!)
  • A DVD
  • A Book
  • Christmas activity sheets/colouring pages off the internet & colours
  • A Teddy
  • A Cupcake making set
  • Other Sweet Treats (cookies, crisps, maybe even fruit if they like it, why not.)
  • Magic reindeer food (you can buy little bags of these online but you can make it yourself with just oats and glitter)
  • Christmas shaped confetti or glitter to sprinkle over just to make it more magical

I’m dying to know who else does this and if you do what goes in your kids Christmas gift basket? Anyone have this tradition when they were little? Yaz xo

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