Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser by Cocoa Brown

Yessss! It’s finally here…. the much-anticipated new product from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is their new body moisturiser.

Say hello to Chocolate Whip! How yummy does that sound?!
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-free Body Moisturiser

This is not just any moisturser though it’s oil-free and specifically made to help Cocoa Brown tan last longer and wear off better but it can also be used as regular daily moisturiser.

Use before you tan on those dry parts that tend to clog the tan and go very dark like your knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles.
Or use a day after you tan to get longer out of your tan and help ensure it fades evenly.

Chocolate Whip contains one of my favourite ingredients when I look for moiturisers, vitamin E, which is excellent for helping skin to heal and lock in moisture. It’s also good for helping to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and increasing skin tone and suppleness.

Panthenol is another ingredient in Chocolate Whip, it deeply moisturises, creates a barrier on the skin to protect against everyday environmental damage and prevents skin from getting dehydrated 🙂 Fab!

After using this product only once I can already say I love it. It absorbed into my skin really fast, within seconds literally. It also didn’t leave a sticky greasy feeling to my skin (I hate getting into bed after using a moisturiser and feeling stuck to the sheets!)
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip swatch on moisturiser
I almost forgot….the smell! OMG! it’s amazing …exactly like the lovely smell of Cocoa Brown tan due to the Tahitian Gardenia scent….I’ve raved about this before! It’s a delicate fresh flowery scent. Chocolate Whip also has a chocolate scent of course…mmmm! Nuff said really….I promise you’ll smell delicious and will keep sniffing your hands haha!

Cocoa Brown Chcocolate Whip Oil-free body Moisturiser (200ml) will be available from 11th November for just €7.99 from Penny’s, Superdrug, Tesco and other pharmacies nationwide! It can also be bought online from with free world-wide delivery.

Also don’t forget Cocoa Brown do an exfoliator to see my review here
Yaz x

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