Chicco Polly Highchair Review + Giveaway!!

As some of you know I was chosen to be a Chicco Tested for Hapiness Blogger which means I get to review some cool products and have some giveaways for my readers!
chicco polly highchair review & giveaway

I was given the Chicco Polly High Chair to review and it was perfect timing since GlitterBaba has started solid foods.

So for the past 2 months we’ve seriously been loving this high chair. It’s easy, comfortable & adjustable and that’s a perfect high chair in my eyes.

The seat is well padded and wide. A comfy place to sit while your baby eats is a must as babies spend a lot of time eating!

The chair itself moves up and down to 7 different positions! I love this feature because it means we can push the chair in at the table at mealtimes so she can eat with us or sit with mammy while I work!
chicco polly highchair

The leg rest also moves so will fit any leg length and will raise their legs up and down depending on how they like.

After feeding, to make cleaning easier they have a removable top tray! I just run it under the sink and give it a little wash with antibacterial fairy.

Oh and if your little one falls asleep after eating…or during…that does be hilarious bless them haha, or they just want to relax for awhile you can lie the seat back! I love high chairs that do this because if they fall asleep you don’t have to lift them out which always results in them waking up lighting quick!

Lastly for when it’s not in use you can pop the tray onto the rear legs and its very easy to fold it up with a button at each side, so you can put it in a corner somewhere amongst all the other products that come with babies lol!

I really cant’t find any faults with this high chair. They seem to have thought of everything to make it great for parents and babies. The Polly high chair comes in different colour schemes and  costs, from what I can find between €90-€110.  I think it’s worth spending that bit extra on a good high chair as they sit in them everyday at least twice a day once you start weaning them so why not have one that makes life easier and more comfortable for you and baby.

HOW DO I WIN ONE? Chicco asked me to pick a prize out to give away to my readers and I chose this because I now one of my readers will enjoy using it as much as I have! To win one just head over to my Facebook page where I have a picture of the prize and tag 3 friends who aren’t already fans of Glitter Mama Wishes on Facebook. Easy peasy!

Best of luck, Yaz x


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