Chicco Echo Stroller ‘Tested for Happiness’ Review

The struggle is real when searching for a stroller for our little ones. We want one that’s light, neat, study and safe. That’s not too much to ask for is it? 🙂
I love strollers rather than a big buggy especially if you bring it in your car a lot. They are also a lot handier for shopping centres. I prefer the big buggies for walks outside though.
Chicco Echo Stroller Review

As a Chicco Tested for Happiness blogger I was sent the Chicco Urban Stoller to review. This buggy comes in a few different colours and is suitable from birth to 15kg, approx 3 years old. Here’s how we got on.

This is a very light buggy weighing just  7.7 kg which is one of the lightest for a sturdy stroller. There is slightly lighter ones but I’ve had them in the past and they always feel very wobbly.
It’s easy on your back to get in and out of the car and what’s really handy is the fabric handle at the side so you can lift it in and out very easily.
chicco echo folded carry

Seat Recline & Comfort
A stroller being able to lie back for when your little one sleeps is very important. I’ve had ones that lie back halfway and then their head is lolling forwards still but this one lies right back so they can nap in comfort. There’s 5 different settings with a pull of a handle at the back. I did find one problem with this though. If your little one sits up the seat goes with them because of the straps and it clicks into place so you have to adjust it lying down again. It’s not a big deal but if you’re trying to get them asleep in the buggy and they keep popping up to see what’s going on it might be a bit annoying.chicco echo stroller reclineThe calf/leg rest also can be adjusted up or down.

There’s a five point adjustable harness on this so it’s safe but also comfortable and also comfortable as you get shoulder straps which is something some cheaper strollers don’t come with.

The front wheels lock and unlock the swivel feature easily on this They are also made of thick rubber so don’t wear easily. At the back then you have the brakes with the push of your foot, all very easy.

The handles have foam so its comfortable for you to push.
You also get a rain cover with this and what I like is the hood is removable as well as a flap at the back to help keep wind out. There’s also a lot of room in the basket underneath to keep the rain cover in and other bits and bobs.

Overall I would say this is a great buy and the price is great for what you get compared to other buggies that are the same but pricier. This is available in a few colours, I got the saffron (yellow) one. Currently Argos, Boots and Eurobaby have them all varying prices and colours. Look out for deals on them as I know argos had them down to about €70 awhile ago. They don’t seem to be on Smyths website but I’m sure they used to do them so check.

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  • We have this stroller too in Green and love it! Like you the only annoying thing is when you are trying to get them to sleep the seat pops up if they sit up! x

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