BubbleBum Booster Seat Review & Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to get to try the very cool Bubblebum booster seat. Isn’t the name so cute!
bubblebum booster seat contents

BubbleBum is an inflatable car booster seat. It’s portable and very lightweight as it easily deflates and can be rolled into a little bag. I tried it myself and it literally took me just 30 seconds to deflate it and roll it up and pop into the bag, inflating again only takes 30 seconds too. When you open the valve he air fills it up to a certain point and then in 1 little puffs its fully inflated again. I can’t stress how easy it is!

bubblebum folded in bag

So it’s handy for journeys over seas to save the cost of renting a booster seat, for when your child is going to a friend’s house or even for taxis as it will easily fold up and fit in a child backpack.

The main reason I was really looking forward to trying this was because with kiddie number three on the way I was worried how the 6-year-old would fit in the middle of another booster seat and a rear facing baby carrier?! Her regular booster, even siting at the side near the door was a struggle to get a belt in the buckle.

Amazingly BubbleBum is the narrowest booster seat on the market at just 13 inches wide (the narrowest I could find anywhere was 17 inches) and with three car seats in the back of a saloon car every inch counts!

bubblebum in car

This fits nicely on the seat now near the door with no problems getting the belt in the buckle like we had been having. The 2-year-old boy’s seat is quite wide so I think when the new baby comes the 6-year-old will have to be in the front with me. She may be able fit in the middle of the two but she might be a bit squished and will be giving out lol! If anyone wants me to find out for sure though I as I  have the baby seat and will test all three in the back! But I will update this as soon as I test it out anyway 🙂
If you have three kids who need a booster seat though you will easily fit in three BubbleBums in the back of any car, they are perfect for 4-11 years of age.


Safety wise this is completely up to scratch with safety standards. It is approved under the United Nations ECE Regulation R44/04 for safety for both Groups 2 and 3. It has also been crash tested and meets the EU standards (The R44.04)

Obviously it is best to keep them in a 5 point harness seat for as long as possible but sometimes between cost and not having a big enough car it is unavoidable so this is the perfect solution. Remember your child must be at least 40lbs to use this seat.

There are two positioning clips at each side of the Bubblebum booster seat to safely position and secure the lap belt. There is also another attachment that is included to come up the back of your child and just over their shoulder so you can then place the shoulder belt in the clip to make sure it stays in the right position and height so they don’t move it under their arm or have it digging into their neck.
I was worried that my daughter would be wobbling on it because it’s light and she’s a little whippet too but she stays on it perfectly and she loves it, she said it’s very comfy and soft to sit on 🙂
Bubblebum in use

The BubbleBum seat can be bought in black or purple from their site here for £29.99 or here from Heatons for €34.99 . Also sign up to BubbleBum’s newsletter to be the first to know of news and special offers or follow them on Facebook or Twitter

I’m delighted to have found the BubbleBum it’s such a great invention and something every parent with a 4+ year old needs! I really love it! Now here is your chance to win one yay…..Just follow the steps to gain entries via the Rafflecopter form below. (Open to residents of Ireland and UK only)
Good luck!
Yaz x

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