Breville Blend Active blender – Review

The weather is getting warmer and it’s about now people will start going on a health kick making summer smoothies and protein drinks etc so I thought I’d finally do a review of the Breville Blend Active blender that we use.
brevile blend active smoothie maker review
I mostly make smoothies with my blender as they are my go to breakfast or lunch when I don’t feel like really eating/chewing…yes I don’t always be in a chewing mood…is that weird lol!.
Anyway, the kids go mad for them too and love throwing in the ingredients with me and making their own recipes. It’s a win:win because we’re all getting a healthy meal and best of all it’s less cooking and cleaning for me yay, hahaha! 😀

I got the Breville Blend Active blender a couple of years ago after my old one was just manky and uncleanable. You couldn’t take it apart it was impossible to clean the base and around the blades. So when I was Homestore and more I saw an Eleganto blender that looked like the infamous nutribullet for like €40 so I picked it up but after a few uses the thing smoked because the connection that spins the blade was made of rubber so it just disintegrated! Luckily I was able to bring that back but I see it’s still on sale so I warn you not to buy it.

Lucky for me, himself came home with the Breville one I have now after seeing my disappointment over the other one lol! The first thing I checked was that little spinny thing to make sure it wasnt rubber but thankfully it’s a hard plastic and so far it hasn’t worn away or gone up in smoke like the other one!

Now although I can’t compare the Breville blender to a Nutribullet as I’ve never used one, I can tell you the Breville Blend Active blends frozen berries, ice cubes, seeds, chunks of fruit and veg no bother at all. I even made the No Bake Cereal Bars I wrote about here in it.

It’s also really easy to clean because you can pop the blade and cup in the dishwasher or sometimes I just whizz some water and washing up liquid in the blender and it’s grand

The Breville Blend Active has half the watt power (300) of the Nutribullet (again I can’t really compare) but for fraction of the cost I think the Breville blender is doing a great job and we use it a lot so I can’t see myself shelling out over €100 for a nutribullet anytime soon 😉

If you are getting one keep an eye on what comes with it as some only come with one bottle whereas the one I got (family pack) came with two big, two small and lids so you can bring your drink in the car or to the gym with you!

You can get the family or single one from Amazon

Argos have the family or single pack here, Debenhams have a twin bottle pack here and finally Harvey Norman also have the family pack here. Some are dearer than other but when we got our it was on sale for €35 I think in Harvey Norman so keep an eye out.

Happy smoothie making! Would love to hear what blender you use!
Yaz xo

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