Beauty Budget Buy – Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream with Before & After Pic

I keep saying I won’t buy another BB/CC cream but I can’t help….they all sound so good! I do prefer CC creams though as they are Colour Corectors so I feel they do more for my red prone skin.
A few months ago I bought the Bourjous 123 Perfect CC Cream based on recommendations of some other bloggers and I’m delighted I did as this has become my go to’ quick cover up’.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Review

The CC cream has 3 colour correcting pigments:
Green for Anti-Redness…..anything with green pigments for redness and I’m pretty much sold
Apricot for Anti Fatigue…so for dull/grey looking areas this brightens that up
White for Anti-Dark Spots…as it says for dark spots i.e them dreaded age spots!

Now I don’t understand how each one works separately on each skin problem (I would love to know the science behind that though!) but it works which is what matters and I’m very happy with it.

See how it covers the redness on my cheeks and few pigmentation spots too! Brilliant!
See how it covers the redness on my cheeks and few pigmentation spots too! Brilliant!

It also gives 24 hour hydration whilst being oil free although I feel it looks and stays on much much better with a primer underneath! I’ve a review of a Max Factor one I’m using of late here. A primer really does makes everything sit better I’ve recently learned!

It has a watery consistency, liek most BB/CC cream do which I like as it applies best using your fingers which is great when in a hurry or a last minute thing!

There is also an SPF 15 in it which is great but personally I feel you need at least an SPF 30 so I still put on an SPF underneath.

It comes in 4 shades which for a CC cream is very good. I got Bronze which is the darkest and is perfect for me for summer when I’m more tanned than usual. Overall  I love this and plan on getting a lighter shade for winter…..that is if another BB/CC cream doesn’t catch my eye first haha!

Also while doing some research I seen there is new a 123 Perfect Foundation!!! 😮 I must try that now since the CC cream is so good! Tell me girls, have you tried this CC cream yet or the new foundation? What do ye think?! Yaz x

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