Bioderma Hydrabio range for Dehyradated skin


People often confuse dehydrated skin with dry skin so get products for dry skin but find them too heavy and cause them to break out. I’ve made that mistake and still do as it’s actually very to hard to find products specifically for dehydrated skin which is where the new Bioderma Hydrabio range comes in.

This new range is made specificity for those with dehydrated skin and is designed to not just give surface moisture but to penetrate and moisturise the layers of skin further down. The whole range contains their patented Aquagenium ingredient which, simply explained, has natural ingredients that helps activate your skin’s natural moisturising process.

bioderma hydrabio review
3 of the new products from the Bioderma Hydrabio range

Dry and dehydrated skin often have similar signs such as flakiness and skin feeling tight. The main difference is that dry skin lacks oil and will often be visible across the whole body and not just the face.

Dehydrated skin lacks water and the first place its noticeable is on the face so you may see more fine lines and wrinkles when your skin is dehydrated or it may look more dull like in my case and my eye bags look a lot more noticable. Also you can have oily skin and breakouts with dehydrated skin

Some causes of dehydrated skin
-Not drinking enough water
-Sun/Uv rays and pollution
-Harsh skin care products
-Central heating in Winter
-Air conditioning in Summer

Drinking more water usually helps a lot but sometimes skin needs extra help especially when environmental factors come are the cause.

The new Hyrabio range has 5 products (I think there are more in the range in other countries) with two moisturisers to accommodate both those with oily and dry skin skin types. All their products are suitable for sensitive skin too which I have and have never had a problem with any of their products or ranges.

The 3 products I’ve been using the past couple of months are the micellar water, the serum and the gel créme as in the picture above.

I love their micellar water anyway, it’s my favourite go to so this one designed for dehydrated skin has been brilliant and  leaves my skin feeling really refreshed without the tight feeling. No stingy oily eyes or  breakouts with this or any of their micellar water range.

The serum is a great for all day hydration, it contains hylauronic acid which is naturally found in the skin to retain moisture so  This is also a great base for makeup.

The gel-créme is the perfect light moisturiser if you have oily skin. It hydrates the skin deep down thanks to their patented biological complex, Aquagneium.

So overall I think this is a perfect range and handy to have for when skin goes through bouts of dehydration. Prices range from €11.50 – €22 which is great for such high quality skin care. Available from most pharmacies or online at Cloud10Beauty

Have you dehydrated skin? What products work best for you? Yaz x

Products in the above piece were given to me to try by the brand but of course all opinions expressed are my own thoughts and experiences.

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