Better Water with a Brita Water Filter

Remember these Brita water filter jugs?
Brita water filter jug

We had one years and years ago but I forget about them until I was offered the chance to try one.

With many homes in Ireland now at risk of their water being contaminated with lead I had been using a lot of bottled water which isn’t ideal especially if we ran out, I hate giving the kids the tap water.

The main thing the filter does is reduce limescale as well as certain metals.
Limescale is that scum you get in your kettle, baby steriliser, coffee maker, shower screen, shower head….the stuff is everywhere and horrible to clean let alone drink!

I was given some water hardness test strips which I used before I filtered water through the Brita jug and after. The results are pretty self-explanatory. The test strip was pretty green before the water was filtered and after it was yellow meaning it had neutralised quite a bit so I know Brita aren’t just making these claims up about their filters working.brita water before afterThe filter also reduces chlorine which affect the taste and odour of tap water, certain heavy metals like copper and lead as mentioned before along with certain pesticides.

The Brita jug has gotten a bit fancier too since I last used one. it has an electric memo display at the top that you reset every time you put in a new filter, there are 4 bars one for each week and when they are gone that means you should change the filter. It’s recommended you change it every 4 weeks/100 litres to get the best results.brita filter
Overall I am delighted with the jug as a new addition in our kitchen. Our tap water tastes much fresher and almost lighter if that makes sense…it just feels less chemical laden! The kettle isn’t building up with limescale as quick as it was before.
Tea and coffee taste so so much better as well as rice believe it or not. I use the water from this for cooking now and you can really taste the difference.

I just fill this up in the morning and leave it on the kitchen counter and it’s ready for everyone for the rest of the day, I really can’t fault it.

Price isn’t bad at all, the jug itself varies from around €20-€30 depending on which size/style you get. The one I got is the Marella which is currently on offer for just €16.99 in Boots!
The filters are much cheaper than I expected at about €7 per cartridge but shop around and you will get it cheaper. Boots have packs of these on offer also, a 3 pack is now just €13.49 so really you can’t go wrong. Compared to buying bottled water all the time for cooking and drinking this is a much cheaper alternative.

Only downside is your’re still left with fluoride in you water. Some people don’t mind it but I on the other hand think it’s a poison so am wary of it and try to cut back on tap water by buying bottled water instead. Still this is handy to have if you run out of bottled water (which is a lot if you forget to buy it like me) and maybe just want to use tap water for cooking.

So what do you think of these? Do you use one? Yaz x

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