Natural Eyeshadow & Primer by Benecos at WapoBeauty (eye make up look)

I used to not bother with natural skin care thinking it wouldn’t be as good but I’ve changed my tune on that in recent years and try my best to get natural skin care products now.
I have tried some of the natural make up from Neal’s Yard Remedies, it was nice but  it’s very expensive and not a lot of variety in colours.

Benecos is a certified natural make up brand new to Ireland from I was glad to hear Benecos prices are on par with drug store make-up even though it’s natural which usually means more expensive. For people with very sensitive skin I think this is a brand you will have to try out! I’m impressed with the good range of shade varieties they have. Lots of gorgeous blushes, face powders and eye shadows to choose from.

benecos eye make up reviewMayca , the owner of WapoBeauty,  who specialises (she really knows her stuff!!) in selling all natural skin care products kindly gave me a couple of bits to try.

WapoBeauty is an Irish business by the way yay!

I had already used Benecos Natural Eyeliner which exceeded my expectations, it’s a great day time eye liner for those with sensitive eyes like me. So I was looking forward to testing out one of their eye shadow duos and their eye shadow primer.

The eye shadow I got was ‘Shady Grays’ which has a shimmery light grey/silver and a slate grey.

Eye primer intensifies eye shadow and helps it last longer. To be honest I don’t use eye primers a lot so I can’t really compare this. It’s more creamy than I expected so my tip is to apply a bit from the wand onto your eyelids and then spread it out with a brush otherwise it dries too thick.

When I put up a picture on my Instagram, a girl there said that it’s the only primer she found works to get eyeshadows to last on her as her lids get oil . The primer could be a great buy for ladies with similar problems.
benecos eye makeup look shady grays

As you can see the colour shows up really well.  The shadows blend out lovely too and just feel really soft and silky on your lids. I would recommend using the eye primer underneath as it helps the colour show up better especially the silver .
benecos eye shadow and primer with without

Overall I found the eye shadow duo great considering it’s made from only natural ingredients.  I’m not too fussed on weather I have natural make up or not but it would be nice to incorporate some more into my routine.

Also I’m just thinking! How many of you have little girls who love to play around with makeup? I despise the cheap horrible make up that comes in sets for kids. My daughter usually breaks out in a rash from them so would feel a lot happier if I had some natural make up for her to play with instead! I’m not condoning little girls wearing make up I just mean some girls love to play with it..make up is an art after all 😀

Oh and for teenagers starting wearing make up, Bencos foundations would be worth looking into. Most teens  pack on the make up over spots (I did it myself lol!) and end up making things worse so natural products could only help really.

Check out more of the range at and please tell me if you’ve found anything you love from them. I heard their concealer is very good and has won Best Concealer in the Natural Beauty Awards 2014

Yaz x

P.S….Click here to read my review of the mascara I have on in the pics!

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