Baby Essentials for the 1st Year {Linky}

As my 3rd and last (cry!!) baby is now past the year mark it got me thinking of all the baby products we used both for her and the other two kids when they were babies.

There has been some things that we’ve used and found invaluable during the kids’ 1st year of life but there have also been some of new things that I really wish I had known about when I had my 1st 8 years ago.
So,  I thought a baby essentials post with stuff other than the usual bibs and nappies etc would be great to do for both new and old parents. You might find something just as handy as we I did

I’ve also opened this post up as a linky so hopefully some other parenting bloggers will join in and share their list of baby essentials too.BABY ESSENTIALS

1. Fisher Price Rainforest Sit Me Up Floor Seat
This is one of those things I really wished I had on the other two! I wanted a donut ring for but couldn’t find one this time so we got this instead. It was great for when glitterbaba was holding her head up and wanted to be looking around but I couldn’t be with her all the time. Best thing was it folded up so we could bring it to the park with us or even just out the back. She loved being able to sit with her older bro and sis. When it got dirty from food you could just pop it in the wash as the seat was removable! Highly recommend this to everyone! Buy it here

2. Clevascoop
I don’t know why I didn’t have this on my other two, why I didn’t listen to the hype I don’t know…stubborn I am lol!! All the hours I wasted counting 9 scoops 3 times a day at one stage! This measures the amount of scoops you need in one big scoop! Genius! Buy it here

3. Braun Thermoscan  3 Thermometer
How parents got babies to stay still for minutes at a time to get a temperature reading before these yolks is beyond me lol! We’ve had a braun thermoscan for years and it’s great because you get a reading from their ear in a couple of seconds. One of these in the home is a must have to put your mind at ease if you are worried they have a temperature. There is 2 newer versions after this but you can have a look at the one we have here

4. Nuby Ice Pop Moulds
I did a full review about these before. These have the perfect sized handle for chubby little baby fingers. You can just add some water and juice or make your own from smoothies or frozen yogurt. One of these keeps my little one quiet for long enough to have a cup of tea and are great for cooling there gums when teething. Buy them herenuby pop moulds

5. Breville Blend Active Blender
Of course, to make your own ice pops in your fancy new ice pop moulds you’ll need a blender. This is the blender we’ve been using a couple of years now, you can use it to make baby food too but we did baby led weaning so didn’t use it much for that. I did a full review of the blender here with multiple links to where you can buy one

6. ClevaFeed
Another Clevamama product makes my list. This feeder was great for when glitterbaba was still a bit small for certain foods. I also used it to put in frozen fruit like blueberries & raspberries. It’s a silicone teat with holes so they chew they food out in bits basically. Again this was great for teething and also for giving a  snack on the go. Buy it here

7. Boba 4g Carrier
Baby wearing was all new to me with glitterbaba and definitely one of those things I’m sorry I didn’t know more about with my first two. I first tried a wrap which is great for newborns but this carrier also does from 7lb up to when they are a toddler. It comes with a newborn seat too. I really love baby wearing now and it’s dead handy for around he house. I carry glitterbaba on my back now if she’s just wants to be with me but I have to make dinner or something. I have a full review here if you want to know more and there is a discount code too.boba carrier 4g back carry reviewboba 4g carrier review

8. Arnica Cream
Arnica is a natural remedy for bruises, sores and aches. Once babies start sitting up they will have inevitably have ittle wobbles that will result in bruises. Same goeS for crawling when they tumble over their own hands coz their little legs are going too fast lol and walking when they will probably walk into a door frame…. or ten!  When any of my kids get little knock or fall I apply this straight away, I even put it on myself. It really helps heals the bruises much quicker than leaving them by themselves and you definitely won’t feel as sore the next day where you got the bruise. Buy it here

9.  Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat
Last but not least a bath seat! Babies need a lot of baths between food messes and explosive nappies 😛 From when my 2 youngest were about 6 months this seat was a lifesaver for my back. No more bending over struggling to keep them slipping back with one hand and trying to wash them with the other. You can wash and play with them with both hands free with a bath seat. Glitterbaba loved sitting in the bath playing with her older siblings in it <3
Oh, two bits of advice about this seat though. One, of course don’t leave baby unattended and second if you have a little boy you might want to put a sponge in between his little nether regions and the bar in the middle…they tend to get a bit squished!
Buy it here

Let me know what you found handy for you baby during the first year and even beyond as I still use lots of the products above! Have you used any in the list above, thoughts?

Come back and check to see if some other parenting bloggers added their baby essentials list.

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Yaz x

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