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Since all of our Irish beauty subscriptions seemed to have stopped, I think a lot of Irish have been going back to Glossybox. I haven’t tried one is a long time but when I was offered one for review I of course said yes.august glossybox 2015

This month the theme was products from around the world as Glossybox are now in 10 different countries. There are 5 products in the box as always and this month 4 of them are full-sized so I’ll take you through them now

MeMeMe Lipglide 
I haven’t tried any of the MeMeMe lip products so I was delighted to see this. Everyone got the full-sized colour ‘Playful Peach’ which is a pink shade with hints of coral. I found the lip crayon a nice size, not to chunky to make a mess but small enough to get the cupids bow right. I like this and will be looking for more of these.
Worth: £6.95mememe lip glide crayon playful peach

Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush
This is a Swedish brand that was sought after by a lot of Glossy box subscribers so they put it in this month’s box. I wasn’t sure if this was a blush or a bronzer as it’s like a light burnt orange shade, it’s in shade 108 if you are interested. Glossybox have coined it a ‘blunzer’ as it can be used as both a  blush and bronzer. I have just tried it now and it’s not great, it’s pretty orange and when I patted my brush in it the powder it crumbled into like loose powder, a lot of fall out and found it hard to blend out. Pity. Full sized also.
Worth: £20.59 emite artist colour blush 108

Naobay Calming Face Toner
I immediately tried this just because I love the wooden top bottle, I’m a sucker for nicely packaged products to sit on my dresser or bathroom area. Naobay is a Spanish brand that make organic and natural products. This one is 99.13% organic so I feel good putting this on my skin. It feels really soothing on my skin with a delicate citrus scent. This is also full-sized.
Worth: £10.65

SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser
This product really threw me as I thought it was a face cleanser a first but in fact it is a feminine wash…for your nether regions! I wouldn’t consider this a beauty product so I found it odd to for it to be in the Glossybox. It also smells funny when I used it, lightly scented but with a musty mildew smell?!. It says it balances your PH down there but I was told by a doctor years ago water is actually best. I think a face cleanser would have been a better product as this excite me to try lol! This is also full-sized but is in a tube instead of a pump
Worth: £7

Manna Kadar Lash Primer
I love anything for my eyelashes so I was glad to see this full-sized conditioning lash primer and plumper! The main ingredient that does this is vitamin b12 and it can also be used under mascara for extra staying power. I had a quick go of this and it seems nice, creamy but light.
Worth: £14.55

The total value of the box comes to £59.74 which is great but I was disappointed with the vagina wash, let’s be adults here with proper terms lol, and the blush. I’m surprised at the quality of the blush for the price it’s worth.
I’m happy with the other 3 products though. It’s hard to get a box that you will be 100% happy with and for the price I think some people prefer to spend that money on one product they know they like but it’s also fun getting to try new products you may not have, I love the surprise element of waiting for the Glossybox more than anything I think lol!

Glossybox costs £13.25 including delivery or approx €18 for us here in Ireland and can be ordered here.

Who else got the August Glossybox and what did you think of it? Tell me in the comments.
Yaz xo

Disclaimer: I was gifted the August Glossybox to review, as always thought and opinions on my blog are my own.

Oh speaking of beauty stuff. I was included in a Top 50 UK Beauty Bloggers list by Rebates Zone. Pretty cool and a good list of beauty blogs to read if you want to check it out HERE

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  • do you think the glossyboxes are worth subscribing to Yaz? or even as a birthday gift for a friend?

    • They are a lovely gift for a surprize esp f you get a 3 month sub, then it’s liek a gift that keep giving lol
      They are hit and miss, some month are brilliant others not so but I find it really depends on what products you enjoy more. Like some people might not like hair products and would be disappointed with a shampoo in it you know?
      I love the surprize element though not knowing what will be in it x

  • Gah. A feminine hygiene wash is a beauty box?! If I was a subscriber I wouldn’t be happy with that.

    I think feminine hygiene washes are the biggest con job going, like you said above water does the job perfectly.

    Each to their own though, but if people do use intimate washes there’s a good chance they view them as a staple product and not something that’s reserved for supposed luxury beauty boxes.

    Lastly, musty mildew is not a good scent for anything especially not your vagina so it doesn’t even sound like a good feminine hygiene wash. Your description did make me laugh, though!

    • Exactly, they really are unnecessary and just not what you would expect in a beauty box even if they were something you use.
      Hehe I had other descriptions but said I wouldn’t be so crude 😛

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