Another use for a Milk Powder Dispenser

If you’ve had a baby then you’ve most likely bought a milk powder dispenser. You know the containers that have a few different sections fill with the pre-measured amount of formula powder to make a bottle later on..yeh those!

It’s one of them baby gadgets you end up using rarely but still handy and once they are onto cows milk it’s not needed and thrown to the back of the press with the all the baby bottles you can’t let go of just yet….don’t tell me that’s just me! 🙂

So anyway, I was going out with the kids and needed to bring half the house, you know yourself…. nappies, beakers, baby wipes, spare clothes, and not forgetting snacks!

I was bringing grapes, carrot sticks & cucumber sticks but couldn’t find a small enough container. Then I came across the milk powder dispenser and BINGO they all fitted to my amazement! It’s was so handy because it fitted nicely into my handbag….much better than 3 different containers!milk powder dispenser snack storage

I use it all the time now for snacks and think I might get more so the kids each have one for days out, school lunches or even just at home so they are not all fighting over one plate lol! Or even for me to keep healthy snacks so I;m not reaching for the chocolate! 😛

By the way I got this one in Mothercare here

So yeah, just thought others might find this handy instead of throwing  theirs out. Have you any different uses for old baby products like this? Yaz x

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