Alternative Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Anyone else think Easter has just gotten so expensive over the years? Or maybe it’s just the fact I keep having more kids 😛 Ah no but seriously, this whole Easter Bunny thing wasn’t around when I was a kid. It’s like feckin’ Christmas now with the ‘Easter Bunny’ bringing a load of eggs that go on and on for weeks! There’s even Easter bunny tracker for ‘Easter Eve’…..give me strength!

So this year instead of getting the kids a heap of eggs I’m going to get them something different. Now, I’ll still do their mini easter egg hunt and get them a main easter egg each but I want to get them something else instead of piles of useless eggs. So here are some ideas I’ve been thinking of spending money on instead of chocolate eggs.

Can’t go wrong with a new book for them. Last longer than chocolate!have you filled a bucket today kids happiness book easter giftsI’m definitely going to get this book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ for the kids. I’ve heard it’s great for encouraging kindness and all that good stuff. I’m hoping it will get them to be a bit more thoughtful to each other because the usual sibling rows go on here and will most likely be going on all over the Easter break haha!

A Family Day Out
We were thinking a nice day out at the zoo, a museum or just a stroll out at the beach and ice cream would be nice too.

My kids love play-doh, that stuff entertains them for hours so that’s a winner. A new board game of some sorts would go down a treat too. I’m loving all the Orchard Toys games at the moment actually.orchard toys shopping list game alternative easter gifts for kids

Pretty essential and some kids absolutely love fashion so this could be an idea too.

I think we are gonna go with books, maybe a cheap day out too. Hope this gave ye some ideas and if you have any more please do share them in the comments! Yaz xo

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