9 Things we Watched over the Summer on Netflix #StreamTeam

We did a lot of watching of Netflix over the Summer hols, both the adults and kids…and baby in our gaff! I’ll just do the adults in this post. It contains a lot of horrors/thrillers, my fave movie genre.


I’m sure there were more than 9 but I can’t remember them all so these are the ones that stand out! Some were great, some were crap. 


Trainwreck review netflix recommendations

Any Schumer is gas in this. It’s a good light funny movie to watch if in need of the giggles as I was when I watched it.

True Story

True story netflix jonah hill james franco

The title says it all really. It’s based on a man who was on trial for murdering his family and the friendship he strikes up with a journalist. Jonah Hill and James Franco star.


I heard this series was great. It’s about a counsellor who starts following and getting involved in the lives of her clients and clients friends/family/lovers. Sounds interesting but after watching 3 episodes I had to stop. It was soooo slow and going nowhere. Others said the same after watching the whole series


Ryan Reynolds is in this movie so of course I watched it 🙈😂 Was quite good, I enjoyed it. Ben Kingsley also stars.

When the Bough Breaks

when the bough breaks movie netflix

This movie is about a family who find what seems to be the perfect surrogate for them. Good thriller.

Side Effects

side effects movie netflix

What a cast in this. Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta Jones star in this Crime/Thriller style movie. It’s about a young wife who is on medication for depression but it changes her life. Good twists.

The Box

The Box Movie Netflix

This was really good and has one of my fave actors Cameron Diaz. Basically, this couple get a box that will give them a 1 million dollars. The catch is it will also cause the death of a stranger! 

It Follows

It Follows Movie Netflix

I heard this was “the scariest movie ever” by loads. It was a bit scary and made me jump at parts but the ending was annoying. I like a good proper ending, like an actual end. Also the music was weird, real hammy 70s style.

The Keepers

The Keepers Catholic Church Netflix

Ah lads, everyone needs to watch this. If this doesn’t make you cut all ties with the Catholic church/cult I don’t know what will. It was horrifying, very hard and upsetting to watch in parts (definitely a trigger warning for rape) but a must to show how awful the Catholic cult/organization is. It’s a sham, a cover up for just power and control over people. I’m clearly still annoyed after seeing this. Breeeathe.


Any recommendations for me to watch please let me know on the comments. Yaz x

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