6 Problems With Being Pregnant but Not Showing Yet!

Most of us have been there. That awkward pregnancy stage when you’re pregnant enough to have some of the not so nice symptoms but still have no obvious bump. On my first I didn’t show for ages, 2nd I showed very early like 8 weeks and 3rd was just average.

I know most people find it frustrating when they aren’t showing yet, everyone loves having a proper bump to show off so you’re not left in that limbo of people thinking you’re maybe pregnant but maybe bloated which brings me to the first obvious awkward problem.


pregnant but not showing yet no bump


1. No one knows if you’re pregnant or just put on a few pounds

When you can see people suspiciously looking at your pot belly bump and you just  know they are thinking “hmmm is she pregnant or just bloated, maybe she just put on a few pounds?” That’s when the rumours start 😛


2. You won’t get offered a seat on public transport 

You  could be feeling a bit light-headed from being on your feet all day, sore back muscles and maybe swollen feet too and you really REALLY need to sit down on the bus journey home but the lack of an obvious bump means no one offers you a seat. Sciatica, SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and hip/back pain means no way are you getting up those steps on a moving bus without falling or looking like you need to poop ha! It sucks.


3. You really DON’T have anything to wear

Regular jeans and trousers are too snug and uncomfortable for your already pressured bladder but maternity clothes are still too baggy and loose. Then if you buy maternity clothes now they might not fit when you are heavily pregnant so you’re left wearing leggings and super over sized tops until you can buy proper maternity jeans that will fit. Or maybe like me you mostly wear leggings and baggy tops the whole 9 months for comfort and price 🙂


4. Can’t skip the toilet que

Two scenario’s about this that I’ve found a bit of a struggle.

1) you are on the verge of puking, holding it back, concentrating real hard to not puke in your mouth while in a que that you really want to just skip. Gas thing about this is most of the time by the time your start showing the sickness is gone.

2) you are fecking bursting to go pee but again have to hope you don’t sneeze

I think when you’ve a big bump people are more understanding if you asked could you go in front. Whereas if they see you skipping the que with no bump someone will prob pull you up and make a scene.


5. Puking on the side of the street makes you look like you had a few too many drinks the night before

Bloody morning/all day/sudden sickness. This has happened me…outside someone’s very fancy house, also at a bus stop, another time in a car park…peple looked at me like I was just a silly young one who had to many to drink..morto!

image from planet-science.com
image from planet-science.com


6. You get hit on

Need I say more on how awkward that is haha! Maybe some people are pregnant and looking for love but I know for me being in a happy relationship and in love with my impending arrival when I was pregnant it was the last thing on my mind so find that very funny having to tell the poor mortified guy!


Can you relate to any of them? If you have more do tell! Yaz xo

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  • Great post, all true! I’ll never get over the smell of yesterday’s cabbage from our hospital canteen on way into work at 7.30am – it was bad enough pre-pregnancy!

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