My 8 Pregnancy Tips

This is a bog post I wrote on an old blog of mine so I said I’d put it on here 🙂 These are some tips I wish I’d known when I was pregnant..

1. DON’T eat for two
Really, there is no need….I did this on my second pregnancy and gained way too much weight, so much so that I was majorly uncomfortable and didn’t enjoy the end of my pregnancy. You only need approx 200 extra calories a day so really that’s only 2 slices of toast with low-fat cheese.

2. DO take lots of pictures of your bump
Trust me… soon as your bump is gone its hard to remember what it was like having such a big belly with your precious baby inside kicking you. You’ll actually start to miss it and imagine little kicks……..OK maybe that’s just me, lol!

3. DON’T try to induce labour yourself!
Yep I tried this myself, brought DD to school 9am, walked an hour, got a fresh pineapple and pineapple juice (yep there is something in pineapple that induces labour), uncomfortable nookie (the doc recommended it haha), washed the car and BAM by 2 o’clock I’m in labour!
The whole labour went way too quick then and couldn’t get an epidural like on my first! Which brings me to my next point

4. DO get the pain relief if you want it!
I think there is some pressure out there for woman to go through labour ‘drug-free’
Great if you do/can, but it makes no difference to you as a mother, it doesn’t make you a better or worse mother whatever you choose. Once baby gets out stress free and you’re stress free that’s all that matters 🙂
I’ve done both, one with the pain relief and one without.
I was much more relaxed, happy and stress free with my first when I got the epidural. Second one as I say there was not enough time and (I’m sorry if this scares anyone) I cried for that epidural………even after the birth I still wanted it haha!
Now maybe I just don’t cope well with pain but I was in bits with the pain and it was a back labour too, I couldn’t hold my baby after the birth for a few minutes because I was shaking so bad with the pain and shock of what my body went through. I almost don’t want to remember my second birth as it was not enjoyable 🙁 So please enjoy your birth, relax and get some sort of pain relief if it helps you, don’t feel like you have to be a martyr when you’re already doing so much. Either way you are amazing for giving birth weather that’s vaginally with our without pain relief or through c-section.

5. DON’T laminate your scan picture haha!
It ruins the picture!!! 🙁 makes the ink in it really dark so you can’t see your little beans picture too great 🙁 Instead get a keep sake box so you can keep all your pregnancy and baby memories safe in one place.

6. Drink lots of  WATER
Drink it throughout your pregnancy to try keep fluid retention and swelling to a minimum and after pregnancy to flush out all the excess pregnancy fluids

7. DONT buy a ton of baby clothes
Chances are you are going to be too tired when you have you newborn to keep putting a new outfit on everyday. And for the first 6 months of their life they grow SO quick that newborn clothes wont last them long and you’ll be skipping up in sizes every 2 months.

With my 1st I had dozens of unworn outfits from Next no less (yeah pre recession lol) that she never got a chance to wear simply because there were too many to get through. Now (recessionary times) 2 packs of baby grows that come in 3 from Dunnes or penny and a pack of vests does my little man. I will get him an outfit if there is a sale on, he’s a big boy and growing rapidly so he hasn’t gotten much wear out of anything I’ve bought him so far. When he’s about a year and not growing so quick then I can buy him outfits that will last longer than 2 months hopefully 😉

8. DO keep exercising
Trust me you’ll benefit from just walking 30 mins a day. I didn’t do much on my second (though I did have SPD) and I felt very unfit during labour and post pregnancy. 8 months later and I’m still trying to get fit. So do a bit of exercise to keep your muscles strong! Oh and do your pelvic floor exercises….they really do work 😉

Hope you enjoyed my few tips that I wish I’d known when pregnant. These are just mine and my experience, ask your doc on anything you’re unsure of.
If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer. Or if you have any tips write them below.

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  • thanks lady, really helpful. I’m on my first and have to admit im not enjoying it so far.. I am plagues with pregnancy headaches along with back and neck ache. I am going for acupuncture this week in the hope it helps x

  • Such great tips, and I love the one about the pain relief! My pain threshold is pathetic but was thinking I might get away with going ‘natural’ if it means being able to be in a tub for most of the labour which I’ve always wanted but I really can’t agree more; having a stress-free, memorable birth experience is so much more important that being able to flaunt some ‘hero’ status simply for refusing harmless pain relief.

    • Awww glad you like the tips. Thanks for your comment, I agree, it’s everyone’s choice but personally I feel if there is an option there to have a pain free birth why not? 😀

  • Thank you for these tips!! And I can’t say enough how much your comments on #4 meant!!

  • The part about pain relief makes me laugh. I praise Jesus for my epidural the first time. Kid took two hours to push out! The second one flew out and I didn’t have time. I was scared like you! But that convinced me to never have an epidural again! Shaking happens regardless of pain relief. But going natural is really an awesome feeling. The problem I find is transition. I need somebody to flat out get in my face and tell me I’m in transition or I think I’ll be in that pain for hours when really it’s barely an hour or shorter if you relax and let baby drop down. We’re on our fourth baby and decided to stay home this time to really be natural. Also, you were going into labor regardless of all that stuff you did. I never have heard of any of those things working for someone who wasn’t already in labor. Second babies just fly out sometimes!

  • I agree with all! I’m on my second pregnancy and they are exactly the tips I have taken from my first. Why does nobody else tell you this from the beginning???? 🙂

  • Sometimes when I read these “things people didn’t tell you” or “things I wish I knew when..” It makes me feel smart and educated because I’m thinking “who DIDNT” know these things? And I’m pregnant with my first. Also I disagree with #3 just because you had a fast labor doesn’t mean everyone gets a fast labor when they induce labor themselves. Some people just get lucky and have fast labor.

    • You don’t have to agree, this is just my experience and things I wish I had known 😉 best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  • really handy, thanks!

  • Awesome post, loved it. and will try to remember all the tips, specially cause its my first and im soo excited

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