10 Makeup Mistakes We’ve All Made!

10 Makeup mistakes you don't want to makeLooking back to when I was a teen I totally cringe at some of my makeup choices and technique! Thankfully, from studying beauty therapy I learned a lot of tips and corrected the horror makeup lol!

10 makeup mistakes we’ve all made


Black panda eyes
We all went through that goth phase as a teen right? Black kohl eyeliner circled around the top and bottom lash line that starts to slide and go smudgy after a few hours. Hello drunk looking panda!

heavy black eyeliner panda eyes
Image source: Pixabay

Foundation caked on eyebrows
Suddenly you look like you’ve no eyebrows or they’ve been bleached! I’d be lost without my sleek brow palette now!

Foundation line on jaw
You usually notice this when people are wearing foundation too dark for them. A better match and blending also helps. I really want to tell teens to  this sometimes when I see them with an orange face and white neck!?

Foundation on lips
With no colour or lipgloss or anything to add some life! We’re not going for the corpse look..

Eyebrows too dark/overdrawn
No one wants a scouse brow/permanently angry look!

scouse brow
Image source: E4


Mascara on eyelids
You know what I’m talking about! I’m totally guilty of this occasionally when I’m rushing out the door and haven’t let my mascara dry properly. Tip – Let it dry and it comes off easily with a cotton bud 😉

Lip liner darker than lipstick
Hey if you’re going to a 90’s party go for it but not now!

90s lip liner
Image source: Glamour Magazine

Flaky Foundation
Who hasn’t been moisturizing??

Too much blush
Especially if it’s just concentrated on the apples of the cheeks. I just keep thinking scary Halloween rag doll costume!

Image source: Wikipedia


Dirty makeup brushes
Hello bacteria and spots! (I used to never think of washing my brushes!) 😮

Do you have any makeup faux pas you’d add to that list? 😀 Yaz xo

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