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Chicco Urban Stroller – Review

As a Chicco Tested for Happiness blogger we will be trying out some Chicco products here at GlitterMama HQ. We were sent the Chicco Urban Stroller to give our honest thoughts a couple of months ago so here is how we got on.

Chicco Urban Stroller

Glitterbaba and I have been using the Chicco Urban Stroller for walks to the school and back etc. You get the base and the seat which can be foward or rear facing but we’ve so far only used it as a bassinet. See, the main part can be switched from bassinet to rear facing seat very easily all while still attached. You just press the two buttons at the side to bring it forward. Then you can adjust how far your child is laid back with the strap underneath and adjust the leg rest with another two buttons. Easy peasy!

As a bassinet it’s great but although you get a cover to line the seat with to make baby more comfortable I find you still need a thick blanket to make it more soft for their little bodies and head. I love though that I can adjust how flat she is laying especially if I want her head to be slightly raised so she can see more on our walks, some babies hate lying completely flat so this is great to be able to do with a bassinet. Some days when in t eh house I put the back rest a good bit up and put a cushion under her bum and legs and she loves sitting there watching me make dinner etc.

There is a huge basket underneath which is great for when we pop to the shops but it can be a squeeze to get shopping in and and out of the basket while the seat is a bassinet but I imagine it will be easier when glitterbaba is old enough to have the seat converted as tehre will be more space over the top of the basket.

Other pros are the wheels can be locked, removable bumper bar, the handle bar is adjustable and you can buy colour packs for it which contain a hood, seat liner= and a foot muff. I got a cream coloured one, would have loved to see what it would look like with a pop of pink though! 🙂

Cons are that it is quite bulky, I don’t mind that for walks but it’s quite big for a boot, well bigger than what I’m used to.

I was also given the travel system ie the car seat to go with it but being very honest guys it has a lot of flaws as a travel system. Unlike a lot of buggys that you can attach the car seat straight into, with the Chicco one you need to attach another attachment before you can pop the seat in which lets face takes up more space in the boot and is just a hassle and if you forget that extra part (which has happend) you can’t use the buggy at all with the seat. A

Also the auto fix base I found strange as I thought the point was that you just pop the seat in and out. With the Chicco one it does pop in easily but you also have to bring the shoulder belt around the back of the car seat which is fine…except that it clicks back meaning next time I have to unbuckle the whole auto fix base so I can pull the shoulder strap around. So it just made no sense to me and seemed to defeat the purpose of it being auto fix. The base also made the car seat very forward facing which for a newborn baby is not good.

Overall as travel system I would not recommend it to anyone but I do really like it as stroller by itself for it’s convenience of being able to switch between a bassinet and toddler seat all from the one attachment and make adjustments to the beck and foot rest even as a bassinet. It’s also wide and roomy so your baby/toddler will have lots of space to stretch and move 🙂 The colour packs are handy too so you can change the colour if you decide to have another baby 😉 I’m really looking forward to using this seat as a forward/rear facing seat when glitterbaba is a bit older.

I hope this review helps, and if you have any questions for me about the product please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d also love to hear your thoughts esp if you have this stroller? Yaz x

3 Beautiful Family Road Trips in Ireland – Collaboration With Chill Insurance

If you’re like me you might love Sunday drives with the family. Especially on rainy days I sometimes love packing the kids in the car and just going for a drive. We might even stop off for some chips somewhere along the way.

With the help of Chill Insurance, I’ve listed some places that I think are great for family drives.

1. Phoenix Park

There are a few little roads off the main one in Phoenix park which can be a nice drive through nature, you will most likely see some of Santas reindeer too 😉 My favourite time of year to go for a drive through the park though is Winter time. I remember one time driving through after some snowfall, it was so magical looking with the deer there too. It can also be lovely when it’s frosty, it feels so silent and peaceful. Well worth a drive through if you live nearby like me.

Snowfall in Phoenix Park

2. The Dingle Peninsula

This scenic coast is located in Co. Kerry was voted NO.1 in the Chill Insurance vote for the most beautiful drives in Ireland: see here to download the ebook! The Slea Head drive seems to be most popular in this area. Along this route, there are stunning views, ancient architecture, a beach, some villages and many more.

Slea Head Drive

3. The Antrim Coast

Situated in Co.Antrim, this drive has loads to stop and do for everyone. A distillery, a castle, and of course the famous ‘Giant’s Causeway’. Many ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes were filmed in some locations along this drive
Also, The Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland’s only World Heritage Site is full of wonder with the mythical polygonal stones.

Let me know of any other drives you would recommend around Ireland.

Collaboration with Chill Insurance, all words my own.