Hi! I don’t like writing intro’s about me but I guess I have to since this is an about page! My name Yaz and I write the blog Glitter Mama Wishes, thanks for visiting by the way 🙂
I’m in my twenty’s and am a stay at home mom to my 4 kids aged 10, 6, 3 and 9 months (the surprize baby) and they are girl, boy, girl, boy….couldn’t have planned it if I tried!

My blog and corresponding social media outlets are my space to share my opinions on anything I feel is worth sharing. I mainly focus on parenting, beauty and lifestyle.

Anything beauty related was my first love from a young age especially skin care (personally I blame all the Boots stands for that addiction haha) and is why I went on to train for my Beauty Specialist Diploma with ITEC in 2008.

I worked in a hair & beauty salon for a year until I became pregnant with my 2nd child. Childcare for two kids was too expensive to keep working and so I kept up with all the latest beauty news through blogs and magazines.

I really missed talking to clients about what products I’d recommend for their skin and learning about the latest in beauty so in between nappies, bottles and school runs I now try to keep up to date on my passion and tell others my opinions on products from makeup to skin care and what I find works and doesn’t work.
I also share tips I’ve learned along the way in my pregnancy and parenting journey, from products I would recommend to my opinions on parenting matters.

I try to integrate my beauty posts with the modern mums/woman’s lifestyle in mind. We are all busy weather it is with work or parenting so want a something that’s quick and easy to use but also effective.

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