Wardrobe Staples: Maternity Wear – Basics on a budget!

Wardrobe staples Maternity wear basics on a budgetAs I am pregnant with my third I thought I’d share with you what I’ve found to be my most useful and best value for money maternity pieces. I’m trying to get away with the bare minimum this time as money is tight etc and it just seems such a waste to spend a lot when you only wear them for such a short time.

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Maternity Leggings
My pre pregnancy leggings (Pennys) were getting too uncomfortable and I found the waist band uncomfortable under my bump….then if I went up a size they were too baggy and still annoying under the bump so I got myself maternity over the bump legging very cheap on eBay here for less than €7 including shipping. I fecking love them, they are so comfy! And you wouldn’t notice the seam/band at the top of your bump and they keep ya warm in the winter 😉 They come in lots of different colours too

Oh and I just remembered, I got lovely  3/4 length yoga pants/leggings from Pennys when they had all their fitness stuff out and they had a high waist band that went over my bump, they were super comfy too and I wore them with a long tank top and trainers!

Maternity Tights
Can you see I’m a fan of stretchy comfy leg wear? Pennys tights were doing me fine but recently even the large feel uncomfortable on my bump so I need to get a pair of maternity tights! I had a pair from my last pregnancy but have since thrown them out. Lots of shops do them like H&M, Dunnes, Debenhams and the obvious Mothercare all ranging from just €7 to €14.

For them days where you just want to wear comfy runners and a tracksuit. I’ve been getting away with going up a few sizes the hoodies from Pennys (or resorting to wearing himself’s ones haha!) but as for the bottoms…well I’m small in height so the length can be an issue as well as the crotch area being too baggy and I don’t like the waist bands under my bump as they press on my already sensitive bladder!
So if I could do over I’d just get some over the bump maternity tracksuit bottoms from New Look but if you can get away with Pennys/Dunnes in a bigger size brilliant!

Tube Skirts
These are great to wear alone with tights or for when you’re wearing leggings with a top that isn’t quite long enough to cover the bum area! I just go up a few sizes in these from Pennys and you can get them in lost of different colours. Super handy to have!

Long tops are great for with leggings. New Look do really good deals on maternity tops like two for 2 for €15…prices go up and down depending on if they are long-sleeved, short-sleeved or tank tops. Or they do packs of three with one long-sleeved, one short and one tank top. Have look at all their seriously good value multi-packs here from tops to bottoms or a mix!

I also found some lovely long-sleeved long tops in Pennys, I just went up a size and they are great, they were only €6 too!
Then for the tops that aren’t long enough for leggings, this is where your tube skirt comes in handy 😉

Casual shirts from the likes of Penneys (or any you already have) left open over a tank top are handy for summer too months too

Dresses are just so comfy when pregnant wear them with tights in winter and bare-legged in summer.. You can literally just throw one on with a nice pair of shoes/boots, jewellery, cardigan, scarf, jacket  or whatever and you instantly look like you’ve made an effort lol well that’s how I feel!  I’ve found New Look and H&M best for maternity dresses.
Even if you find a dress that you can go up a size or two in is fine. I can’t though as I’ve teeny boobs so when I go up sizes in things while pregnant they look baggy around my bust area!
For special occasions the I think the right style can be really flattering, ones that cut just under your bust and skim over the bump are great for weddings, parties etc!
Jersey dresses are light and comfy perfect for day or even work wear. So again New Look are winners for price and quality, they do cute twin packs of skater style dresses . Their wrap style dresses start from just €17.99  I got one in their sale and I’ve worn it lots with different coloured tops underneath.
In the warmer weather maxi dresses from Pennys are great 🙂

Maternity jeans come in under the bump or over the bump style.
I still haven’t got myself a pair of maternity jeans as I haven’t found a nice comfy pair yet I find the under the bump ones too uncomfortable. Any shops I’ve tried so far have either not had my size or they fit nicely around my bump but are too baggy in the leg and crotch area! I’ve always struggled to find jeans to fit me right so being pregnant makes it even harder :/ To be honest so far I’ve been getting away with my leggings and tights and it kills me to pay €40 on a pair of jeans I will only wear for the next 13ish weeks! I got away with a bigger size of jeggings from Pennys up until about 20 weeks so they were handy.
H&M, Mothercare, New Looks & Debenhams all do maternity jeans and I’ve just noticed there is maternity jeggings in Mothercare whooooo….maybe I’ll have better luck with them 🙂

Other handy Accessories
Bra extenders are great to save yourself having to keep buying new bras every couple of weeks! I’m now a 36 under the bust but I’ve only gone up a cup size to a B! If I go up in the back size then the cup size gets bigger….again I’m awkward with sizing lol so bra extenders are great for extra room around the back. You can get a pack of three for just €12.99 from Irish business Secret Fashion Fixes here and they come in 1,2,3 & 4 hooks.

Bump bands are also handy so you can wear old tops that might be just a bit too short and they cover your jeans if you are wearing your pre-maternity ones with the button open or a bobbin connected the hole and button for extra room! Again New Look do these here in a set of three with different colour packs to choose from.  But a simple string top underneath a different top could do the trick too so it’s totally up to you which you prefer.

I hope this post has helped someone who is a bit lost on what essentials to get. These are the things I find I’ve gotten the most wear out of and best value for money. Also don’t forget to check out Adverts.ie and Ebay.ie for new and second-hand bits
If any of you have any other things to add or think would be handy please let me know in the comments?

Yaz x


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  • I picked up two great pairs of jeans from Gap maternity when I was pregnant. One pair of skinny dark under the bump jeans and another lighter boot cut pair over the bump pair. I flippin loved them! Think I got them for €13 each because GAP have these brilliant discount sales every few weeks and they just seem to throw out a rack of maternity wear. I picked up a few GAP pieces for half nothing actually. Great post.

  • I’ve been living in leggings this time round!Did fork out €27 for skinny maternity jeans at new look and they’re great for both casual and going out looks.

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