Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll on Kit for Legs & Arms – Review

I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of waxing! I’m trained in waxing and like doing it on other people (no evil laugh there I swear) but for me the pain is too much. I must not have a very low pain threshold  but it also depends on ”that time of the month” because you’re more sensitive to pain before your due. And I have very thick hair and good strong roots so it kills me!

Anyway I was excited to try this kit as I’m a bIg Veet fan and have been for many many years even since it’s time of being originally called, Immac! Remember that!? I used to wax my arms and legs at home but with a wax pot and spatula it’s very messy doing it on yourself, it would end up on the floor board, towels and I’d have sticky hands while waxing!! So I went back to hair removal cream and shaving.
Veet Easywax electrical roll on starter kit

The Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll on kit comes with the wax heater, electrical cable, a base to hold the device, 1 wax refill, 12 wax strips & 4 post wax cleansing wipes. 

One wax cartridge lasts 4 applications, they also come in a sensitive formula with lotus flower and almond oil.  Refill cartridges come with 12 more strips and 4 more after wipes (though I would advise popping along to your local beauty supply store to stock up on strips and after wax cleanser)

Veet EasyWax Refill Legs Sensitive
                 Easywax for Sensitive skin

First off I let it heat for 20 mins first of all like instructed but found that wasn’t enough so I left it for a further 10 mins.

It rolled on very easily, it’s a nifty little roller so it gives a nice even layer. Next I got one of the strips and pressed down firmly making sure to leave a lip on the strip to pull and pull as close to the skin as possible do not pull upwards! And you can use the same wax strip another 1 or 2 times

Yes it hurt, but as I say I’m very sensitive and I have thick leg hair. The wax removed about 70% of the hairs of the few test strips did which is ok but obviously 100% is what we’re aiming for. I did a strip on himself to see would there be a difference as he doesn’t have as strong hairs as me from shaving haha!
He didn’t even wince when I pulled the strip off and all the hairs were removed from the patch I did on him! (Yes he has a bald patch on his leg now harhar!) So I think if you have fine leg hair or not too thick hair it will remove most if not all the hairs.

Next I tried it on my arms and I found it great for this! It removed every hair very quickly and painlessly and took me no more than 15 mins to do both arms 😀

Although I won’t be using it for my legs again (maybe himself will want to go totally hair free one day lol) I’ll definitely be buying refills again for my arms. With hair removal cream  they grow back too quick, with this I’ll get at least a month before the hairs come back noticeably on my arms. Plus it’s so much easier than using my own wax pot and obviously cheaper than going to a salon! Big thumbs up for the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll on kit from me!! 🙂

Currently the kits are 1/2 price from both Boots and Tesco (click names to be directed)

Do you wax at home, go to a salon or shave? What suits you best? Let me know too if you’ve tried this kit and what you thought? Or if you’ve any questions just ask!

Yaz x

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  • I was a dedicated waxer (by someone else in a salon) for more than half my life at the moment! BUT, I got very, very bad ingrown hairs and then folliculitis that lasted for years and years. I went through every cream and antibiotic there is and…..guess what sorted it?…Shaving! Every single doctor and every single beautician I consulted told me not to shave over the folliculitis but, in the end, it was the only thing left to try. I had never, ever shaved in my life. It seems it worked because when you shave you’re not just cutting off the hair you can see, you are also taking off the teeniest bit of skin and the conclusion everyone has come to about my results is that the hair root is meant to stay in my skin (it grows for a reason) and the shaving means the hair doesn’t get cut to below the skin level and so it doesn’t get twisted trying to grow back out. Obviously, this is just my experience but, honestly, shaving saved my skin!

    • Oh I’ve heard so many horror stories of ingrown hairs. I get the odd one and they are sore especially if it’s where the lining of clothes rub off. At least you know what was causing it shaving seems to have sorted it 🙂 x

  • I’ve had such a bad experience with Veet wax strips that it turned me off wax for life, it literally took a layer of skin with the hair, I looked like I had leprosy! x

    • Awww no ouch, I didn’t like the leg wax strips either and I think it’s because it not hot. You need the heat for it to grip the hairs x

  • I used Veet wax strips for a while until I got the Silk Epil, which I find fab for legs and bikini line. But not so good for underarms…just haven’t got the technique right yet, so it’s old fashioned shaving for that!

  • I was sent the Veet Easy Wax to review on my blog last year but I found it was rubbish and the strips didn’t remove any hair. I followed the instructions to the letter too, so I’m not sure what I did wrong, if anything! I’ll stick to shaving I think – I may need to do it more often than waxing but it’s less messing about!

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