Tuesday Newsday 21/10/14

Tuesday again which means it’s time for the new weekly catch up on the blog. Anything & everything goes on Tuesday Newsday. Let go!

1. Running Made Easy
Last week I joined an online running course by ‘Run with Tina’ I’ve known Tina awhile through blogging and have seen how well she knows her stuff so I had a good attitude about exercising. She’s not into the ‘No pain, no game’ attitude which I hate lol! Her approach is more friendly and about slowly working up your strength and making exercise apart of your lifestyle. Last week was the first week and we started running/walking (interval training) I was dreading it a bit and thought I’d be knackered afterwards but felt so good after it and not at all tired or out of breath! I managed to get three sessions in so I’m quite proud of myself. Hope my motivation keeps up this week too.

2. My little piece in Irish Wedding Diary
I’m delighted to have a piece in Irish Wedding Diary Magazine in the Best of Beauty Bloggers section.

My favourite time of the year whooo! I’ve the kids costumes and I’m thinking of just doing myself up like a sugar skull just to be something while I’m supervising….fun times haha! Have a look at my Halloween Pinterest board where I pin anything that looks fun to make or do.
halloween pumkins decorated
4.PowderPocket Box is making a return!!
We said bye bye to PowderPocket box at the end of July and I was pretty sad as I loved the people behind the brand, it was Irish and just fun.They were having problems getting suppliers for products but it’s looking like it they will be back soon and better than ever. Sign up here to find out when it’s back!

5. 20% off at Wapobeauty.com
Mayca, the owner of WapoBeauty came to Ireland from Spain 6 years ago to celebrate her 6 years in Ireland she is having 20% off your total order at her online store with the code 6YEARSINIRELAND.  Mayca’s shop specialises in all natural and organic beauty products, she’s very so friendly and helpful so any questions you have ask her, she really knows her stuff and is another skincare addict like me lol!

That’s all the news or exciting things I can think to tell you, bit of a slow week! Anything you’d like to share leave in the comments. Yaz x

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