Tough Stuff exfoliating scrub from Cocoa Brown – Review

Skin exfoliation is so important to achieve smooth and healthy looking skin. It helps your skins natural process of shedding dead skin. Dead skin will cause skin to look and feel rough and dull so exfoliation is a must to achieve smooth and healthy looking skin.

By now you all have heard of Cocoa Brown , the one hour tan by Irish entrepreneur Marissa Carter. As a tanning expert she knows how important exfoliating is for tan to go on even without any patches or clumps. So she’s come up with her own scrub especially for regular tanners who end up with patches of tan on the most common area, ankles, hands, knees, elbows and feet!
cocoa brown tough stuff scrub

I was very excited to get to try this when it was sent to me. The colour of the scrub is pink hehe, I think that’s really cute! Also it has Cocoa Browns Signature scent Tahitian Gardinia, I’m still hinting at Marissa to make a perfume 😉 I reeeeaaally love the smell!

Anyway I used Tough Stuff before I got into the shower like I do most of the time, using scrubs on dry skin works far better to get rid of layers of dead skin, if you have sensitive skin though it’s probably best to use on wet skin while in the shower. You will get some redness after exfoliating but that’s OK and it means you’re getting the blood flowing to them areas so lots more oxygen to regenerate skin cells 😉
cocoa brown tough stuff exfoliating scrub

The scrub rinsed off easily and when I was dried my skin felt really soft, like silk! Oh and I got a really good close shave on my legs, it helped get out some hairs under dead layer of skin!
Although I didn’t have a lot of tan build up it still got rid of bits of tan around my ankles that I didn’t realise I had. Also a BIG hate of mine are them bumps on the top backs of your arms…..they are soooo hard to get rid of and up until Tough Stuff no scrub had done as good a job as this as getting rid of most of them after just one user! Very happy to say that after using the whole pack (3 whole body applications) they are pretty much all gone now I think! They feel really smooth anyway yay! Oh and make sure you moisturize daily to maintain soft smooth skin!

Image from Cocoa Brown Facebook Page
Image from Cocoa Brown’s Facebook Page

I absolutely love this scrub and how smooth and fresh it’s made my skin look and feel. It’s available in Pennys, Boots & lots of other pharmacies, (2 for £4.50) ,

P.S I hear it will be coming out in a handy tube around October! Can’t wait for that! We’ll all have beautiful glowy smooth false tan ready skin 😉

Yaz x


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