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I was tagged by Dani from LilliwhiteRose to do this ‘A to Z of me’ post so here it goes.
Although if I were to really go through everything about me we’d be here the next year so this is just a bit of fun with some random and possibly boring facts about me! 😉yaz glitter mama wishes

A – All I can think of is Apple skin, it makes me gag lol!

B –  I started my blog, the one you’re reading now in late 2012. It started as a hobby but sometimes feels like a full-time job lol! I love it though!

C – My children are my life as sad as that sounds but they are precious and saved me in some ways I feel

D – We have a dog named Bruno, well he’s still a puppy. He’s a Yorkie and drives me mad but we love him

E – I’m trying to quit smokes at the moment with the help of an e-cigarette…on day 2 now!

F – I have a terrible fear of spiders, I will freeze or cry, sometimes both depending on the size and how off guard it gets me! I’ve gotten a bit braver now in front of the kids, I have to be I suppose lol!

G – I don’t do gardening….again it’s my fear of spiders and bugs!

H –  I love hot chocolate, always reminds me of my nana making me cocoa 🙂

I – I’d consider myself an introvert. I can get overwhelmed if too much is going on around me or thoughts in my head so I often  need quiet time to just be by myself to recharge and I’m good to go again

J – I’m often called Jasmine instead of Yasmine (the computer is also suggesting I spell it Jasmine lol!) even when it’s clearly written with a Y…really annoying! I think that’s why I just shortened my name down to Yaz haha!

K – My nana taught me to knit when I was about 9. I can’t remember how to now but would love to try it again.

L – I’m a Leo!

M – I don’t really buy magazines anymore. I stopped about 3 years ago to save money and stop comparing my body to photoshopped images. Really helped and I think everyone should try it!

N – I’m a night owl. I think I just love the peace and quiet at night when the kids are in bed.

O – I love online shopping whether it’s shopping for a bargain, doing the grocery shop or buying the kids clothes I just love shopping from my sofa!

P – I love all shades of purple. I find it relaxing and it goes with almost every colour

Q –  I’m a qualified beautician. Skincare was and is still my favourite thing I learned out of it all

R – I’m not very religious, like I don’t know who God is or if there is but I do believe in spirits & angels.

S – I gave up watching soaps a few months ago. They (eastenders & corrie!) are so gloomy and put you in a mood. I do however watch Neighbours religiously and I enjoy Hollyoaks too when I remember

T – I think too much

U – I try to wear sunscreen everyday to protect my skin against UV damage i.e wrinkles lol!

V – I’m trying to eat more vegetarian dishes after watching some horrific shows in Netflix about animal farming. I’d go full on vegetarian if the other half and kids didn’t love their meat so much.

W – I don’t really like winter. I hate the cold and don’t really like Christmas other than to see the kids faces xmas morning I suppose.

X – I couldn’t think of anything other than xray lol. I’ve had a few, nothing serious though *tip wood*

Y – When I’m sick or really pale in winter the yellow undertones to my skin are exaggerated and I feel like a Simpsons character haha!

Z – Zzzzzzzzzzz I love my sleep….when I do finally fall asleep that is.

Feel so vain now with a whole post of me writing about me haha! Now I tag
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and of course anyone else reading who would like to do it too 🙂


Yaz x

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