5 Natural Teething Remedies

Ahhh…teething…the cause of many sleepless nights and tired long days for parents. It’s an unfortunate part of life for babies and can be really awful seeing your little baby in pain and feeling so helpless. I have some remedies here other than Calpol that might further help reduce the stress and tears it causes for babies…and parents!

Amber bead necklaceamber teething necklace I only got one of these on my last baby and am raging I didn’t know about these when the two eldest were babies.The amber apparently release healing oils when activated against the warmth of the skin. I honestly thought it was a load of mumbo jumbo till I tried it for myself. One day I lost it and forgot all about it. For two weeks I didn’t know what was wrong with little glitter baba she’s was very very irritable with big red rosy cheeks. I eventually realised Id lost her necklace and had forgotten about it. I ordered a new one and literally within 4 hours she was all smiles and her cheeks had cooled down. That confirmed to me it was doing something! I get mine from AmberSos.
Never leave it on your child’s neck in water and regularly check the beads are still intact. Most of the ones for kids have the string knotted between each bead so in case it comes lose only one bead will fall off but as I say check it regularly.

Teetha sachets & gelnelsons teething granulesThese sachets of granules contain chamomile to help relax baby. I always found my kids would totally calm down within 10 mins of giving them a sachet. Then I’d use some of their gel on their gums. Keep the gel on the fridge to make it extra soothing 🙂

Icy soother
frozen soother teething tip
I seen this great tip on pinterest and was amazed how simple and effective it is. Just squeeze the soother teat and release in a glass of clean water so it sucks it up. Fill it about 3/4 of the way (clear silicone teat soother is best for this pop it on the freezer till frozen and give to your baby to cool their sore gums. I used to keep a few of these in the freezer for those first few teeth popping through. It helps soothe the gums and calm baby. Make sure you warm it under some warm water before giving it to your little one….we don’t want the soother stuck to their tongue 😛

Food feederfrozen fruit teething These things are not only great for introducing babies to new foods without the risk of choking but great for teething babies too. What I do is put frozen fruit like a banana or raspberry and my little girl love it. She chews on it for ages and it helps cool her gums. If you have ice pop moulds then you could make them an ice pop with frozen yogurt and pureed fruit!

Nothing like some TLC for when they are in pain.  Cuddles, rocking, and a little song from Mammy or daddy can help soothe them and let them know they will be OK. Hugs are a great natural medicine, everyone loves hugs 🙂 A massage for baby can be really relaxing too.
hug oxytocin stress

Any more tips you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments, share your wisdom! Yaz xo

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