TanOrganic and OilArganic Review

I won a set of  Tanorganic from Mumstown last month. I was delighted as I’d heard great reviews about TanOrganic and they certainly live up to the hype.

€19.99 plus free mitt and free shipping in Ireland

A little bit about TanOrganic

  • It all natural so suitable for pregnancy too (I’d advise a patch test 1st tho as tan can go funny with pregnancy hormones)
  • Loaded with Aloe Vera juice (main ingredient)
  • Contains no alcohol, synthetic ingredients, parabens, colours or fragrances
  • No nasty dog biscuit smell
  • It’s Irish, made by Noelle O’Connor as seen on Dragons Den 🙂

I definitely give this tan 10/10.  I was sceptical it wouldn’t work as well as others because it was natural but it didn’t leave any streaks, no dry patches which I usually get with other tans and it fades nicely. I was left with a lovely glow to my skin and it made my stretch marks less noticeable. I even dared to put some on my face and you wouldn’t even notice, it just covered the redness I get on my cheeks so didn’t need foundation for a few days :)) I’ve used it about 5 times all over my whole body and the bottle is not even half gone yet! So a little goes a long way.


They have a very good video here on applying false tan, great tips so I’d recommend everyone watch it


The OilArganic is also a lovely moisturiser, it’s a dry oil so not greasy like you would think, again this is made with 100% natural ingredients and its main ingredient is argan oil so I even used it on the ends of my hair and eyelashes lol! This costs €24.99 it’s a bit pricey but it does last ages and is very effective for extremely dry skn!

But I would recommend them both highly, both great products esp the tan and they are so good for your skin. Have any of you tried TanOrganic before? What did you think of it??

Glitter Mama x

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