Slim with Tina Kick Starter Course: Week 2

I can’t believe January is almost over can you? January is always the time when I, like many others vow to go on a strict ‘diet’ and eventually that get’s old and boring. This time I promised myself no more diet and so far I haven’t….I’m working towards a lifestyle change you see ๐Ÿ™‚
lifestyle change quoteTina Murphy who owns Run With Tina invited me to do her online Kick Starter Course. I know Tina awhile from the Irish Parenting Bloggers and have done an online running course with her too and I love her approach on these things. She’s a real woman who knows the struggle of diets too so she’s very understanding and explains things so well.

This kick starter course is about opening our eyes to what we are actually putting in our bodies and kicking the sugar out of our diets . The course is done online but in a very relaxed way, you can also join a facebook group that Tina sets up for anyone doing the course. I love the group because we are all on the same learning curve and bounce ideas and feelings off each other.

I must admit I was really really scared to start the course simply because I was afraid I would ‘fail’ yet another ‘diet’. But Tina has a whole different approach and we don’t call it a ‘diet’. She emphasises that this is a lifestyle changeย and not something that can be done overnight, it’s just day by day learning and little changes which is something I talked about in my ‘No New Year Resolutions‘ post.

I’ve just finished week two and have been slowly making changes to my diet, trying new foods, experimenting and learning a lot about why and when I eat. I never really thought of myself as an emotional eater but I am, so I’ve learned! It’s an eye opener to say the least and something I’m now working on. I haven’t completely cut out sugary foods but I’m eating way less sugar than I ever have in my life I’d say. I’m finding it so much easier than I thought, maybe because we’ve been made aware of how much sugar is in things….it’s quite scary….even things that we think are healthy like low-fat foods!

I’m eating a lot better (healthier) and feel so much better. No bloating, no headaches and I swear my concentration seems a heck of a lot better! ๐Ÿ™‚
Slim with Tina book review
I’ve been doing the course along side Tina’s new book Slim with Tina which is just brilliant and goes into more depth about the things we learn on the kick starter course. Tina is so down to earth which really comes across in her book. I’ve read other ‘diet’ books that literally have made me feel like shite by the end of them, I feel so judged by the author in some of them if that makes sense?ย The book, like the course is so motivating and just a great learning experience. This isn’t a diet book at all, I think of it like a self-help book because I’m learning a lot about myself and food. I highly recommend it! There are lots of recipes in there too.

Anyway I just wanted to do a little update and will do another one soon. Also I’m delighted to say I’ve lost 5lb since starting the online course….and it wasn’t even hard or torturous lol!

Look out for another update soon! Yaz xo

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