Post-partum hair loss ‘No thanks…your hair brush looks like a…..’

I’m 6 months  post-partum now and feeling more like myself now that I’m getting more sleep and have a bit more time to myself….oh and my hair has FINALLY stopped falling out leaving trails where ever I go!!!!! It was Helen’s post from The Busy Mama’s that reminded me about how annoying that hair loss stage is. I’d say it’s worse than a dog shedding because they are longer.

Every time I had shower, the drain get blocked with hair just halfway through my shower so the water would be rising up my ankles! It’s actually pretty upsetting pulling a big huge clump/bush of your own crowning glory from the drain! I’d often get out of the shower expecting to find a bald patch 😮

hair loss post partum

So the past 6 months have consisted of  the whole family picking  my hairs off themselves and sometimes their food! (I know, I know gag!!) There would also be clumps in the washing machine door seal, the stairs carpet, pillows…..just all over the bloody house. medium_4009093081

Anyway last week himself couldn’t  find any hair brush so I handed him mine and said ‘Here, use mine”  Well, the look of horror on his face was like I was waving a pooey nappy at him!

He actually moved his body backwards and replied ”Ehh…no thanks”

So I’m stood there confused and said ‘What?!’

His reply….still with a pained look on his face ‘Well it looks like a hairy pussy….I’m not putting that anywhere near my hair!’

Well I nearly fell over laughing for about 10 mins straight after haha! Needless to say I pulled about a wigs worth of hair off the said brush or maybe we should the ‘pussy brush’  now haha! And it’s been disinfected! My poor neglected brush!! And I call myself a beauty blogger tut tut!

So girls! How often do you clean out your hair brush? And was your as bad as mine after the post-partum hair loss?

photo credit: Ashley Coombs via photopin cc & Tumblr

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