Pixy Natural Soothing Body Balm

As you may know by now I love my Pixy Natural products. And I recently got to try their soothing body balm. Like all their products this is hand made in Ireland with all natural ingredients.

pixy soothing body balm

This contains loads of soothing and moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, calendula oil, and sweet almond oil which contains vitamin E. So it’s also a great balm to heal and protect skin. As I am now 6 months pregnant my belly has been getting very itchy at the best of times. This body balm has been doing exactly what it says on the tin….soothing, soothing my itchy belly :)

You may be surprised when you open up the lid and see it’s not hard like a balm as you would expect! It’s a lovely whipped bubbly texture, exactly like chocolate mouse. It’s fluffy and light and then melts almost instantly when rubbed into your skin. It really is lovely to use, very different.
Pixy soothing body balm fluffy

I also love the smell of this product it’s almost a peppermint/menthol smell, very fresh smelling. It says there is ylang ylang and lavander oil in this body balm which are both relaxing and soothing essential oils/scents.
Pixy Natural’s Soothing Body Balm (or fluffy balm as I like to call it now lol) can be bought here from their online store for 12.99 with free delivery or check their site for your nearest stockist.

Yaz x

  • https://www.facebook.com/fiona.naughton.7 Fiona Naughton

    I love this, I switch between my glowing body butter and this. Will be using it tonight after my shower, it’s amazing for dry skin, love Pixy Natural :)

    • http://www.glittermamawishes.com GlitterMama

      I have this all gone already :o been using it on my bump and hips every single night the last two weeks oooops lol! I love my moisturisers :) x

  • http://nursefancypants.blogspot.ie Nurse fancy pants

    That is really surprising, I thought it was gonna be a hard balm too! Looks really interesting, I love Pixy as well.

    • http://www.glittermamawishes.com GlitterMama

      I know, I’m raging I didn’t take a pic before I used it all lol! When I opened it it was full to the top and all fluffy looking on the lid! x

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