Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food

I love knowing exactly what I’m feeding my kids so have been cutting back on packaged foods for us all. It was only recently I found out that jars of food like cow and gate that have a long shelf life are boiled and processed so much that by the time they are finished with it all the nutrients are gone!!

Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food

Pip & Pear however is different to most baby food ranges I’ve come across as it is found in the chilled section because it’s just 100% fresh natural food for babies as well as being gluten free and having no added sugar, salt or additives! And their packaging is 100% recyclable…more on that at the end! It was made by Irish mum Irene Queally so is 100% Irish too.pip & pear homemade baby food
The Pip & Pear chilled baby food range comes in a variety of really yummy recipes for the various stages of weaning

Stage 1 for 5+months €1.49
Butternut Squash Purée,
Spiced Apple & Pear
Banana Blue

Stage 2 for 7+months €1.79
Fishy Dishy,
Lovely Lentil Stew and
Chicken Lickin Casserole

Stage 3 for 10+ months €1.99
Baby Ragu Beef
Lamb Tagine
Tutti Fruity Chicken Currypip and pear chilled baby food

Glitterbaba has tried them all and just loves them, like licking the bowl when it’s all gone loves them!
I have had a sneaky try too….for review purposes of course 😛 and think they are really tasty. It’s exactly like a blended dinner you would make yourself at home.

Although glitterbaba is holding her own now and eating dinners that the rest of us eat I’ll still buy these as they are just so handy for when you haven’t had time to make a decent dinner and I don’t feel guilty giving her these because I know they are as good as if I made them myself, they just good plain nutritious food with no added crap!

I was expecting them to be pricier but they are very affordable. Like a big pot of say the Lamb Tagine is €1.99 and with you know they are getting all the nutrients from the meat and veg and will be full for bedtime.

Another thing I think counts toward it being good value is the pot’s can be recycled and used for storing things like homemade play-do, hair clips, fruit and even storing/freezing your own home-made food. I swear we are always in need of more storage tubs here so it’s win:win…food and storage tubs lol!pip and pear banana blue

These pots of goodness have just launched in Aldi and can also be found in Supervalu and No.9 Cafe in Waterford which is run by Irene and her husband where Pip & Pear began!

Let me know if you’ve tried them or if you will try them! Yaz xo

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