Personal Training with Emma Murphy: Week 1 Thoughts & Results

So almost 2 weeks ago I started personal training with Emma Murphy. I won a competition she was running with FitBug at Junction 6 Castleknock. It’s just around the corner from me so it’s so handy, delighted I won and got the opportunity as I would never have been able to afford personal training AND childcare fee’s myself. This way I only have to pay to get lil Bill minded so it’s less financial pressure. I’m really putting my all into it for this reason, it’s my one shot to get in shape and fit.

Bit of a backstory to me wanting to do personal training > I’d really lost my way the past few years between the surprise 4th pregnancy, pre and post natal depression and low iron, b12 and vit d levels. I wasn’t eating right due to the pre and post natal depression I had. It all took a lot out of me mentally and physically. I was on b12 injections, high doses vit d tablets and also iron because my levels were so low. I felt like absolute SHITE. I actually tried doing exercise classes before I got blood results to see would that help with me feeling so sluggish but I ended up worse,  yawning during the classes and all so I had to stop. I was really disheartened.

Thankfully since getting my low levels of vitamins up it’s helped my energy levels and mood. Basically the past 2 years I havn’t been or been able to put myself first and look after myself. And let’s face it, if you as a parent don’t look after yourself you are not able to keep up with the kids and be the parent you want to be. So really the personal training couldn’t have come at a better time as I now feel ready and more able to look after myself better. I know it’s cliche but this is a lifestyle change for me. I used to have really disordered eating in the form of binging and purging, obsessively counting calories etc. Then I got in a good place also with the help of Slim With Tina (click to see my post on that) I learned more about nutrition and how what you eat affects you regardless of calories. I’ll always be grateful to that course to help me battle my screwed up thinking towards food and weight! I just need some motivation to and help to start looking after me again and that’s what Emma is helping me with. Of course I want to lose weight too and get my muscles back, but this is in a healthy way!

I started on Wednesday 25th October, so I will be having a weigh in and measurements every Wednesday!! And my personal training days will be Monday & Wednesday with a home workout myself on Friday.

My first ever personal training session went great. I was surprised at how much better my fitness levels were than I expected. Emma said my form was good while doing exercises so that was boost. I was in bits the next day with my legs after the bit of spinning we did and lunges, ouch. I was still quite sore on Friday at our next session but not as bad. After that then I just had normal muscle soreness, not as bad as that initial few days thanks, feck.

I had also started a juice/soup cleanse on the Thursday which I did until Saturday. I found it tough, just because I’m so used to picking at food all day as I don’t make time to eat and I struggle to eat breakfast. I don’t necessarily agree with juice/soup cleanses but for me it was a good way to almost go cold turkey. To help break my bad habits of picking and get some routine and control over my eating habits. I didn’t stick to it rigidly but I tried and when I felt hungry I had some lean meat or fruit.

Then on Monday just gone (today is Saturday) I got a proper daily meal plan. 6 meals a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert!
I’ve found it easier now compared to the cleanse lol! Lots of good nutritious food, fruit, veg, spinach meat etc. We are slowly introducing bread back in. I’ve still been having carbs in the form or porridge and rice etc so it’s definitely not an unhealthy diet which is something I’m wary of with diet plans. I’m less bloated as I was a fiend for bread….and white bread at that. It was hard the first few days but because I feel good and less sluggish I don’t even want it now.
Apart from the weight loss (I’ll get to that in a minute) my energy levels are like WOW! I feel more alert and refreshed! Even with a baby keeping me up from 3-5am most nights! So happy to not feel shite and tired all the time!

Have to say I never really knew why personal training was so expensive but you’re getting almost 24/7 help. Like, anytime I have a q about food or an exercise Emma is on the other end of the phone to me to help me and give motivation. It really is worth it if you are serious about a change in your life.  Emma is such a good support and so understanding too but at the same time isn’t your bestie telling you to ‘treat yourself’ or ‘ah it’s grand hun start the healthy eating again next week’ – some examples of the support me and my mates give each other 😛 we’re too nice to each other haha and do ourselves no favours so if you want a kick up the butt Emma is your gal!

Now onto the results!!

WEEK 1 RESULTS!! (25th October-1st November)

-4.5lbs or 2.2kg

-4 inches from my butt!

-3 inches from my waist!

-1 inch from my chest!

-0.5 from my hips!

Total: 8.5 inches lost and 4.5lbs!

I’m so chuffed!  Like so s chuffed and proud of myself as the first week really is the hardest AND it was over Halloween! I’ve had 3 big Lidl bags of the kids Trick Or Treat haul in my face. It was tough but my motivation was that I’m doing this for the kids, to feel better mentally and physically for them. Anyway, I’m so excited to see my results for week 2! Check back next week and thanks for reading! Yaz x

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