New products from Lush Cosmetics this Summer

As always with summer comes new products for us to pamper and preen ourselves with. Lush is no exception to this rule so I was excited to see what new lovely smellies they have in store this Summer.

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb €3.95
This is multicoloured bath bomb with lemon oil to boost your mood and ginger and pepper to boost circulation! As you can imagine this smells gorgeous and kinda reminds me of Christmas…..kind of fitting to what with the ‘Christmas in July’ thing haha!
granny takes a dip bath bomb lush

D’Fluff shaving cream €6.70 100g €12.15 250g
This strawberry/vanilla scented fluffy cream is just what you need for a silky smooth shave as it’s moisturising too. It contains FRESH strawberries,  cocoa butter, coconut oil, maple and corn syrup and egg whites. As well as being great for us ladies legs, men can use it on their face too. I must say I love this because it’s different to just the plain bar of soap I use and this lasted a lot longer than I expected.
defluff shaving cream lush review

African Paradise Body Conditioner €24.95 245g
This is my favourite product from the new range this summer. It contains shea butter which is one of my favourite ingredients for a good moisturiser, aloe vera to soothe and cool and last but not least moringa oil to brighten the skin. Sounds bliss doesnt it! Let me tell you it’s lovely, it’s quite a watery consistency which I like as it’s easy to apply fast but does a fantastic job of moisturising the skin, it’s especially nice after shaving or a hot bath as it feels light and cool on the skin. At €24.95 it’s pricey but oh so worth it if you want a good no fuss deep moisturiser!
african paradise body moisturiser lush

Mangnificent Soap €5.25 per 100g
This is what I’d call a perfect ‘morning soap’ to help wake you up 🙂 It has zesty mango, mandarin, & lemon oils to wake up that groggy head and uplifting floral neroli oil. Due to the fruit oils it’s naturally a great cleanser and has tons of antioxidants and vitamins for the skin. I’ve really been loving this bar of soap.

Parsley Porridge Soap €5.25 per 100g
This is a clever little soap, it’s antibacterial and suitable for both face and body meaning it will be great for those who suffer from face/back acne! The thyme and tea tree oil is what makes it antibacterial while fine milled porridge oats give a good cleanse to rid of dead skin. Lastly the aloe vera gel cools and soothes irritated skin.

Zest Hair Gelly €14.95 100g
Another mood boosting product here more so aimed at men I’d say so I got himself to try it out.
It contains lots of zesty fruity oils and an Irish seaweed extract for moisturising and creating texture! I love that there’s a bit of the Irish sea in there 🙂
Himself  liked it said the smell and texture were good but as he has super super thick coarse hair it doesn’t hold as well as his everyday one but thinks for someone with normal hair they would find it perfect.
zest hair gelly lush

Have you tried any of the new products yet? Or what would you like to try? Yaz x

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