Netflix: Top 5 picks for Kids this midterm

Since getting our Apple TV box the kids have loved watching Netflix. With a newborn baby it’s also been a lifesaver to keep them entertained. So now the midterm is here and the weather is miserable so Netflix is to the rescue yet again 😉 So I said I’d show you my kids favourite shows to watch on Netflix the past few weeks so maybe you can get a few hours peace too.

1. Leapfrog Scout & Friends
My little by has the My Pal Scout puppy so he really loves these Leapfrog series. They are fun and educational

2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood
This is a really cute programme! Daniel is a little tiger who you go along on his daily activities with while learning some life lessons 🙂

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image from

3. Strawberry Shortcake
One for the girly girls! My 7-year-old has been entertained for hours watching this. Not sure what’s so great about it but it looks cute and she thinks it’s fun!

4. Clifford the Big Red Dog
New to Netflix, Clifford is….well a big red dog who we see interact with his owner 8-year-old Emily and other canine friends!

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image from Netflix

5. Lego
Lego is always popular with kids of all ages and even more so with the release of a Lego movie. Lego have a few series on Netflix featuring Ninajs and sea creatures!

I’d love to know what programmes your kids enjoy watching on Netflix?
Yaz x

*Just to note some of these shows might not be on the Irish Netflix as I’ve mine set to pick up the US one

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  • I really want to see the Lego movie it looks great, I must check out the series on Netflix though (i’m such a big child at heart)!

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