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I realised after writing this it’s mainly very serious/thriller types of movies and documentaries. So if you’re looking for comedy recommendations you won’t find them in this post. Sorry 😛

Siege of Jadotville

I was delighted to get to go to the premier of this mainly for a chance to see Jamie Dornan in the flesh 😉  However, to my surprize I ended up rreally enjoying this movie. I’m not into violent or war movies so I really didn’t expect to enjoy it but it was fantastic, very moving actually. It’s based the true story of the 150 Irish soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in 1961. They didn’t get the recognition they deserved back then but hopefully this movie raises awareness of how brave they were and the tough decisions they were forced to make and they get the praise they deserve from the Irish people and government. Once you get over the slightly dodgy Irish accent you’ll be glad you watched this.

The Gift

Psychological thriller starring Jason Bateman who has an old friend show up that seems to get a bit too friendly and intruding. Good twist. I will add a trigger warning for sexual assault though, it caught me a bit off-guard.


Amanda Knox

I just watched this 90-minute crime documentary last night about Amanda Knox who was not once, but twice acquitted of murder. I never really followed the story back in 2007 so it was viewed with fresh eyes. All the facts probably aren’t in the documentary but I don’t think she was guilty, what do you think? I was quite shocked at how ruthless journalists can be in cases like this.They constantly tried to shame Amanda for having and enjoying sex. So even to see that side of journalism it’s a good watch. Amanda Knox herself talks in this documentary as well as her ex-boyfriend.amanda-knox

The Mask you Live in

Another documentary that seems good. It looks at how society is shaping our boys/men and the view we have on masculinity with the detrimental ‘be a man’ attitude’. I’m hoping it’s good as it is a problem and a big part of why some men are so aggressive and violent.


Ellen Paige starts as a bit of a drifter in this who takes a baby she feels was in danger from her parent. This made me cry a bit, maybe it was pregnancy hormones but anything with crying babies makes me cry lol! Not a bad movie, bit disappointed with the ending but I still enjoyed it.tallulah

Audrie & Daisy

True story documentary about Audrie & Daisy two girls who were both sexually assaulted in a different town in America. It shows how horrific victims are treated by society, mainstream media and social media. If you want to learn more about victim blaming and rape culture this seems a good one. I’m going to add this to my list of things to watch. I think this is something everyone should be aware of and if you have a son or daughter you should definitely watch this.

One last little thing, if you’re a Justin Timberlake fan check out Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids on Netflix, it’s his last concert of the 20/20 tour 2015. Look at this part of him singing Mirrors here <3

If you’ve watched any of these, let me know your thoughts r let me know what you have been watching, anything to watch out for?
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