My trip to Bluestone National Park Resort with Stena Line – Part 1

Last month I was contacted by Stena Line to come on their ferry with my family and stay in Bluestone Resort in Wales for 4 nights. I was over the moon to say the least!! So in early June me and my family headed off on our trip.

The ferry was leaving from Wexford, Rosslare Harbour at 9.30am so we were on the road by 6.30am (we cut it very fine and meant to leave earlier, we were coming from Dublin) but we made it thank god! The kids have motion sickness like me though and both got sick once on the drive to the ferry. Luckily it was only water they got up as they hadn’t eaten yet!

Stena Line On Board

I’ve never been on a ferry before so the whole boarding thing was all new to me, it was all very easy though you just park where you’re told and get the lift up to the decks. So I’d do it myself if I had to, I always thought it would be much scarier? Don’t ask me why I just get freaked out at the thought of driving onto a boat haha!

Inside the ferry was lovely it had a very relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.
We were lucky enough to have tickets for the Stenna Plus Lounge, they have complimentary drink and snacks for adults/kids and breakfast/lunch/dinner can be ordered there too, but there is other places to eat too.

We only found out on the journey back that they did Nintendo DS’s for the kids in the Stena Plus Lounge, you just give them your car keys and they give your child a console, game and charger if needs be. That kept our 6-year-old entertained the whole journey back 🙂 Also in another part of the ferry they have a big projection screen with movies on for adults, Les Miserables was on one of the journeys.

There is also a games room for all guests, it has arcade machines for the teens, a ”Curious George soft play area” and a tv with a movie on for the little ones. To be honest I thought the soft play area was a little grubby so I’d bring a hand sanitizer if you’re a bit germ-a-phobic like me lol! And they had 4 interactive games on a touch screen but only one worked so my 2-year-old was a bit disappointed with that.

One thing i found annoying was that there seemed to be only one toilet on the boat that had a pull out changing table, I had to try 2/3 toilets while lugging the 2-year-old with me up and down stairs before I finally found one. I think a baby changing room would be nice as I don’t know if they even had a changing table in the mens so what are single dads to do? I didn’t feel comfortable changing my boys pooey nappy in front of everyone walking in and out of the toilets either. But still it’s easier than tiny airplane toilets!!

We all went up to the top where we got a great view as we were docking at Fishguard. It was really beautiful! One day when I’m old and retired I’d go back to this village it was very cute and reminded me of the kids T.V show Balamory with all the colourful houses (I told the kids that and they were very impressed lol!)

Fishguard viewAll in all I really enjoyed the taking the ferry its better than being stuck in airplane seats I’ll tell ya that, and cheaper. I’d happily go again as it’s just so easy and stress free and you have your car with you so you’re not stuck in one place.
Next time I’ll be getting acupressure bands for the kids for their car sickness, that’s what I wore on the car journey going over, I didn’t think they would work but they really did!

Have you been on a ferry before for holiday? Do you agree it’s just a much easier & stress free way to go away with kids?

Yaz x

P.S Kids go free everyday when you are going by car until the 14th Jan! See here for more info also see their special offers page so you can always get the best deal


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