My new Cath Kidstson Diary

So I was looking EVERYWHERE for a diary with a month to month view. Most diaries are week-to-week view but I was delighted when I finally found this gorgeous Cath Kidston Diary. Preeeetty!

cath kidston diary 2013

See isn’t it brilliant, yeh you prob all think I’m crazy now, getting excited over a diary lol , but I love to feel all organised and I find it easier to remember when I see and write things down haha! I think it’s so handy to see your whole month planned out on two open pages πŸ™‚

Month to month view diary

It also does a week to week view

week to week view diary

And a handy cover on it that has a zip lock so you can store bills etc!

zip side diary

And it has a mini dictionary. Best one is the food section so if you’re away you’ll have an idea of what to ask for πŸ˜‰


I bought my diary online from The Book Depository, I but most books from here too as they are the cheapest and have free delivery πŸ™‚

Do you use your diary much? I’m usually good the first 3 months then I forget but I’m gonna use this all year!!! If anyone has come across any other cute month to month view diaries let me know!

Glitter Mama x

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