My easy everyday Hair Care Routine #sbbc

Like most women my hair care routine changes every few months. Usually because my hair changes condition with the seasons and sometimes it may need some extra TLC or I buy a new product to try out.

At the moment I’m using Mane ‘n Tail‘s Original shampoo. I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week at the moment, more in the summer time/hot weather. I shampoo my hair twice to make sure it’s squeaky clean and this Shampoo does a great job. My hair feels much stronger and less limp/weak after using this now for about 2 months. It just feels really nourished and healthy.

Mane n tail Original.jpg 2

For conditioner I’ve been loving this Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner by John Frieda from their Frizz-Ease range it was in a goody bag at a recent event and I didn’t use it for ages because I thought ”I don’t really have frizzy hair” well… wrong was I!! I used this for the first time about 4 weeks ago and I’m hooked since. Only after using it did I realize how dry and frizzy the ends of my hair actually were. From the first use my hair was super silky like really really smooth and shiny. Best of all it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at the roots after a day (though I do put most at the ends) or it could be the double cleanse I do with the Maine n Tail.
friz ease-smooth-start-hydrating-conditioner john frieda

When I have all the conditioner rinsed out I do a final rinse with cold-ish water to close the cuticles….this makes hair really shiny when dried.

I don’t style my hair that often, half the time I just let it dry naturally. Sometimes though I will blow dry for volume (usually very lazily done with my head thrown upside down lol) or GHD the ends a bit (I have naturally straight hair you see)  but mostly with running around after two kids it’s tied up so I don’t bother 😉 Also the John Frieda conditioner leaves my hair so smooth there isn’t much need to straighten it. I’m going to try something from John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range next.
If I do use the hairdryer or GHD  I always make sure to blast my hair down with cool air……again, close those cuticles!

So that’s my daily school run hair care routine haha! What products do you use on a daily basis to keep your hair looking healthy?
Yaz x


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