My baby has started 1st class! My worries & wishes for my daughter

So my first-born DD1 (Dear Daughter 1) went in happily to 1st class this morning.

I’m actually more worried and upset over her starting 1st class than I was when she first started school!?

I was delighted for her to start school as she loved Montessori and playing and interacting with other kids, she’s very outgoing, always yapping and playing. Junior and Senior Infants was pretty much the same just a bit more structure and learning….grand said I!

Today (oh god I’m getting teary now) she went into her ”líne” full of smiles, little bit anxious looking but she was excited to be back and see all her friends.
Everyone says 1st class is when they have to ”knuckle down” and my worry is her care free attitude will leave her now 🙁 She’s still childish in many ways especially compared to other kids her age. She pretends to like One Direction because all the other girls do but really she has no interest at all and barely knows who they are haha!

Really all she wants to do is play dress up, make-believe and go out on her flicker with her friends and get mucky. She likes to learn but really all she wants to do is play. It can be frustrating sometimes when it’s homework time but now I worry it’s that innocence and not a care in the world attitude that will leave her now that she in the big big class.

I think I worry too much though? When I was her age I had a lot of stress on my shoulders. A lot of pressure also I felt to do well in school all while moving schools about 3 times by 1st class, so I was constantly in worry mode and way more advanced for my age. Hence why I don’t want my baby to ever feel pressure or stress from school. Worrier much…me….never!
DD1 first day of 1st class

I took a picture with her holding the sign above (thanks Pinterest!) raging I didn’t start doing this from Junior Infants.
When I asked her what she wanted to be when she was older she said a ”ballerina” I asked why? She said ”because I like pink and pretty tutu’s” D’uh Mommy haha! 😀

That’s my cheeky grinned, happy-go-lucky, care free little girl who made my life worthwhile the second she was born. I hope you never change my darling. You are perfect! xox

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