Mum’s Box – A new Irish Subscription Box for Mum’s!

If you’ve ever tried Glossybox or the likes then you will have an idea of what Mum’s Box is. No not that, mind out of the gutter please 😛 ah no Sharyn purposely chose that name because, well why not, it’s a funny play on words 😉

Mum’s Box is a monthly box delivered to you with goodies specifically for Mum’s and//or women alike. I was delighted that Sharyn, the owner and blogger over at very kindly sent me out a box to try out.


  • Moo Goo Lip Balm (full size)
  • Peachy Skincare Lime & Coconut body butter (sample size)
  • Holos Love your Skin Body Oil (sample)
  • Holos Happy Momma Body Oil (sample)
  • Pantene Hair Treatment (full size, one use shot)
  • 5 Butlers Chocolates
  • Wall calendar

I was a bit surprised when I first opened it as the products seemed so small but I reminded myself, quality over quantity! I’ve gotten big samples in Glossybox that have been underwhelming.

All the products are really good brands that I know and trust so that alone put’s my mind at ease. The Moo Goo lip balm is already a fave of mine so I was super happy to have another tube of that. I don;t think I’ve tried Holo’s products, who are an Irish Skincare brand but have heard loads of good things about them. Peachy is a new brand I heard of and really wanted to try also. I love Pantene hair products and well chocolate…need I say more on how good that is when you are having a crappy day of parenting and need a little pick me up.

I was really happy with the contents and have enjoyed using them. I badly need a treatment for my hair, it was in bits, so my hair feels awesome now after the pantene treatment, chuffed! I keep my Moo Goo lip balm on my bedside locker to moisture my lips at night. I haven’t use the body oils yet to plan to after a nice soak in the bath. I’ve been living the Peachy body butter too much it smells so Summery and gets me singing ‘Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all about’ haha!

Would I buy it?

Yes! At first I thought €20 was a bit much to spend on myself for a few bits but I’ve really enjoyed using them, they’ve been a nice treat/pick me up. If it put a smile on my face considering I don’t go out to drink (I have maybe half a bottle of wine a week at home), don’t smoke (off them a year now whoooop), rarely go out or buy makeup anymore for myself coz well I never have time lately what with a new baby and 3 other kids, then it’s worth it in my eyes. I deserve a treat, all us hardworking Mum’s do. It made me remember to make some time for me and give myself a break. Can’t pour tea from an empty pot I say.

Oh I forgot to say their was one thing I was dissapointed iwtha nd that was the box itself simply beacuse I thought it would be a resuable one like Glossybox. Sharyn has taken on board what I said fair play and has said the next box will be different!

I’ve already ordered myself another one as a mental health gift from me to me 🙂

There is also a 3 month and 12-month subscription that work out cheaper than €20 per month.
As well as the monthly subscription box there is also a ‘new Mum’ gift box’ and a ‘Mum to be’ gift box. They are both €35 and seem like a lovely idea for a new Mum since the baby always gets tonnes of presents. Mum’s Box deliver it and all for you, very handy!

#TreatYoSelf! Yaz xo

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