MikaB Teething Jewellery – Review & a discount code

Teething is one of them things every parents hates, it’s tiring on both Mammy and baby and I think most of all parents feel so helpless and wish they could take the pain away for them. Dominika, owner of Irish business MikaB Teething Jewellery very kindly sent me some of her products to try out.
MikaB Teething jewellery ireland review

Anyone who has ever minded a teething baby knows they put anything they come across in their gob to gnaw on for some relief, I can only imaging how they are feeling!

Mama’s know that having jewellery on with a teething baby is not safe, it just doesn’t work.

That pretty pendant necklace you love to wear will be pulled out of to be chewed on by your little teething monster till you’re left with a red neck. You will then give up telling them no, take it off and put away till you can wear it in about years time 😛
MikaB teething jeweelery pendant necklace bracelet

MikaB’s teething jewellery solves the problem of not wanting your baby chewing on a dirty choking hazard necklace or bracelet.

The jewellery is made from non-toxic, food grade silicone, the same as bottle teats and soothers. They are also BPA free!

My little boy is 2 years old so he’s past the worst of the teething but he seen the jewellery with the picture of the baby chewing on it and decided that’s exactly what he’d do too. He’s getting his back teeth so he put it straight to the back of his teeth and had a good chew on it! I was afraid he’d have it shred to pieces but it took all the gnawing and chewing no problem at all. He quite enjoyed it too lol!
MikaB teething jewellery on

They are also very pretty on, see! You’re baby will be attracted to them like all you’re other jewellery but at least these are safe and you can take it off to give to them without worrying that they will choke, get sick or ruin break all the beads off your favorite piece!
They have a breakaway clasp for added safety and comfort and complies with very rigorous EN71 toys safety standard but obviously you still want to watch them with it just in case, it’s not a toy.

After a long day of being chewed on the jewellery can simply be washed in warm water (and soap if you want)

These can be bought online here in a range of different colors and styles. They are very nicely presented too so would make a great gift to any new mama and are very reasonably priced from €9.50 to €16.50.

Have you any stories of the things your little teething monster chewed on? Have you tried any teething jewellery yet and what do you think of it?

Yaz x

Psssst….you can get 15% off until the 21st October here through ILoveShopping .ie
And if you’re reading this after that date not to worry I have another code for 15% off valid untill December 31st 2013 Just type in the code BR2013 when ordering here from MikaB’s website 🙂

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