Who says women can’t be funny? Female comedians on Netflix! #streamteam

‘Women comedians aren’t funny’  ‘Women just aren’t funny’ etc some things we hear regularly, mainly from men sadly. There are plenty of male actors and comedians I don’t find funny what so ever but I don’t say ”ALL men aren’t funny” so it’s annoying when people brush all women comedians with the same brush simply because they are women.

So here are some brilliant comedies and stand up shows starring women. If you don’t laugh at these well maybe it’s just not your thing but don’t say ALL women aren’t funny. You’re bound to find one style of humour by a female tin this list you can relate to.

Lady Dynamite
I was in stitches just watching the trailer for this!

Released just last week this is a 12-episode half-hour brand new comedy from Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) and Pam Brady (South Park) starring comedian-actress Maria Bamford. It’s actually partially based on the actresses real life and her struggle with her breakdown while being an actress on the rise and trying to find love. Sounds depressing but it’s done in a funny way, not to say mental health is laughing matter but sometimes laughing at yourself and crazy life helps, believe me I know 😛

Grace & Frankie
I loved the 1st season of this comedy series Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star and their characters are hilarious. Can’t wait to get stuck into season 2 which just came out this month.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
I’m not really into watching stand up comedy but after watching the clip of this she seems pretty funny and she does it while 7 and a half month pregnant! Boom!

Chelsea (New Shows Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – watch anytime!)
Everyone knows Chelsea Handler, she is ballsy, straight to the point and blunt which makes her even more funny watching her. Not always my style of ‘funny’ but some might enjoy.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Love this show as ye know. It’s just light-hearted and easy to switch off and relax to. Lot’s of funny female actresses in this one and season 2 has just started streaming!

So there’s some good female comedians and shows to give a go. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these or any other funny ones you’d recommend. Yaz x

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I am give free membership. However as always all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own feelings.

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  • Ali Wong is hilarious, I must watch more of her! The other stuff there isn’t really my cup of tea…but I watch VEEP religiously on Netflix, Julia Louis-Dreyfus kills me. And if you haven’t watched it already Parks & Recreation is THE BEST 🙂

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